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(App)lied Advice

You’re enjoying a playful afternoon at the park when—uh oh!—your child is stung by a bee! How do you know what to look for as an allergic reaction? Innovator Cook Children’s Hospital has created an iPhone app to answer just this type of question for moms and dads.

The app provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and is organized by topic, according to Tim Hanners, senior vice president of corporate and communications affairs. “Moms have a voracious appetite for info about their children’s health,” says Hanners, “and this provides comfort from a trusted name.” One caveat: While the app is a great resource (and popular—at 23,000 downloads already!), it is not meant to replace real medical attention. If you have serious concerns, advises Hanners, go to the emergency room.

At the app store, search “kidscheckup.”  The download is free.