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(App)licable Education

There’s been more than one instance when you’ve handed over your smartphone to your fussy toddler as instant entertainment. Now, you can feel good about sharing your tech tools by downloading these handy, kid-friendly games for in-flight (or car, or restaurant) activities. 

[Preschool Adventure] This colorful app for iPhone or iPod Touch is a fast-paced learning game for toddlers with music, a memory card game and much more. 99 cents at the Apple App Store.

[The Farm] Your kids will laugh at the farm noises coming from this BlackBerry game. The program challenges tots to identify farm animals by noise. Perfect for long doctor’s office visits (with headphones, of course!). $3.99 at the BlackBerry App World.

[Kidtivities] Moms, if you find yourself in a bind, turn to this app for quick activity ideas for kids ages 2-6. Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to see what random, hands-on project the game will suggest (like crafting projects or outdoor games). 99 cents at the Apple App Store.