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Angie Cox

The sight of a jam-packed schedule sends some moms into a tizzy – but not mom of four Angie Cox.  The do-it-all (while laughing) mommy makes it look easy, juggling sports practices and business ventures, all while keeping her priorities straight: The Flower Mound resident goes above and beyond when it comes to giving back to her community.

A small-town gal, Cox moved to Texas from Illinois to attend the University of North Texas. The college grad then met husband Steward while selling advertisements for a local newspaper. The couple settled in Flower Mound and, not long after, started their family: Colby, 12, Skyler, 11, Landon, 7 and Mercedies, 3.

As a mom, Cox prides herself on engaging her family in the surrounding community. When she first called Flower Mound home, the new resident sought out community organizations as a way to meet other women and families.

It didn’t take Cox long to find her footing; she was named Citizen of the Year in 2008 by the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce. This honor recognizes the many years this driven mom has dedicated to her neighbors by serving on several local nonprofit boards (she currently works as a member of the Lewisville Education Foundation).

Despite her demanding schedule as an escrow officer, Cox is an expert at shuffling her three boys to athletic practices and games (the boys are each involved in two sports a piece!). And what about daughter Mercedies? “She’s certainly the princess of the house,” Cox laughs. “She doesn’t hesitate to remind me or her brothers that she, too, needs her fair share of attention.”

After work – when she trades carpool responsibilities with her hubby – the diligent citizen attends meetings with The Women of Flower Mound, Habitat for Humanity, The Friends of Flower Mound Library and more (if you can believe it). “We do our best to all make it home for dinner; it’s so important to both my husband and I to sit down together as a family. We don’t always get that time, though,” she says.

The mom found a way to share her love for the community with her kids (quelling her sons’ eye rolls): Her boys love to sit and play bingo at a local assisted living facility. “I always tell them that you have to give back to your neighbors – it’s not only about getting paid to do something,” she exclaims. “And, hopefully, one day they will pass on the same example to their own children.”

Cox’s home life is like that of many North Texas residents – the hustle and bustle of kids, school, work and playtime present weekly scheduling challenges. And, for this Flower Mound family, that means that mom and dad have to come up with a game plan. “We could not function as a family if we were disorganized,” she admits. The couple relies on a weekly schedule that Cox compiles on Sundays and attaches to the refrigerator. The schedule breaks down each day with who goes where, who’s driving and – most importantly – what’s for dinner.

For the team of six, this game plan is a winning combination. “One day, however, my husband called (when he was on evening duty) and pointed out that I’d forgotten to leave a menu for dinner. He’ll cook whatever is listed on the schedule, but without directions we all get a little lost!” she jokes.
With all of the family’s activities, when do they spend time together? “Our life is centered around our kids,” admits Cox. “A vacation to us is sitting at a sporting event as a family and watching one of our sons.” Yes, the mama has a lot going on, but, as she explains, “I look busy – and I am busy – but that’s because I want my life to be filled with things that are important to me. Those are the things I’m sure to make time for.”