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Andy Bope

Andy Bope lives in Frisco with daughter Sydney, 6, son Tyson, 3, husband Chad, who works for Perot Systems (and travels Monday-Friday) and last, but not least, Lucy, her 2-year-old Harlequin Great Dane. The former marketing executive and registered and licensed dietitian owns The Nutrition Source, Inc., which provides customized nutrition plans for individuals (and specializes in weight loss and pre- and postpartum health for women).

5am Cannot sleep — worried about all I need to do. I might as well get up. Drink two cups of coffee and eat a pumpkin muffin. Work on emails and a client’s nutrition follow-up report. Check the weather channel and catch some news.

6:45am Get Sydney up for school, dressed and fed. Sounds simple, however, I never anticipated how opinionated a 6-year-old girl could be about her clothes and hair. Her breakfast consists of a rolled flour tortilla and chocolate milk. Not so great when you have a dietitian for a mom. At least she took her vitamins. YES!

7:20am Trying to get Sydney out the door to catch the bus. At the last-minute, I throw on my daytime clothes to take her to the stop (and comb my hair so the other moms don’t think I am completely unkempt).

7:30am Continue to work on a client’s nutrition plan until my son wakes up.

8am Tyson proceeds to make his way downstairs, dropping the five cars, three blankies and water sippy cup he slept with. He thinks I can’t hear him, so he sneaks up on Lu (his nanny) and me and yells boo! Of course we act surprised.

8-8:30am Tyson eats breakfast (cheerios and a Banana), drinks his YaYa (chocolate milk) and OJ, plays cars and gets dressed (he’s not quite as opinated).

8:30am Hop in the car to take Tyson to school. He has just found a bit of independence and lets me drop him off in the carpool line. I have had to walk him to his class for the last 2 ½ months.

8:45-10:15am Drive back home and return to working on client’s nutrition plan. It dawns on me how much I enjoy helping people improve their diets and health — a lot different from selling them things they don’t need in my previous corporate life.

10:30-11:45am Jog to the fitness center and work out with weights; jog back home and shower.

12pm Eat lunch (good leftovers). We had parties at our house the previous weekend and I cooked.

12:15-2:30pm Head to my new office in Frisco Square to work on the business I just started, The Nutrition Source, Inc. I’m a one-woman operation, so I have to wear many hats: marketing, partner development and Web site management. Today, I’m working on a partnership with Texas Aesthetics to provide nutrition counseling for patients who have had laser liposuction procedures to ensure their long-term success. After working in the corporate world and a high-end spa, running my own practice is a challenge but I love being my own boss: I can leave whenever I want!

2:30pm Speaking of leaving, I head out to pick up Tyson at school. He’s excited to see me. We talk about his day in the car all the way home. I offer him a snack, but he wants to go straight upstairs and “play choo-choos” with Lu.

3:15pm Wait on the front porch for Sydney to come home on the bus. She has directed me to not walk to the bus stop in the afternoon to meet her. I thought this type of parental alienation was not supposed to happen until they become teenagers. My husband thinks it is very funny.

3:20pm Ask Sydney how her day was. She informs me that she is tired and does not want to talk.

3:30pm Get Sydney a snack and she goes upstairs to play with Tyson and Lu.

5-6pm The kids want to go to the park down the street, so we pack water. Of course Lucy (the giant Great Dane) wants to go, too. I walk Lucy on her leash and the kids ride their scooters the whole way. We enjoy playing and visiting with neighborhood friends.

6-7pm Lu and I make dinner. The kids feast on chicken nuggets, edamame, green beans and fresh tortillas. Desert is yogurt with frozen blueberries. Not sure how I got away with this healthy dessert with four bags of leftover Halloween candy in the pantry. I count my blessings where I can.

7-7:30pm Baths are now a bit of a challenge as my daughter has decided she needs her privacy, and Tyson is Sydney’s little shadow and does not understand why she does not want to take a bath with him anymore. I don’t completely understand why she needs her privacy either, as they both perform their daily streak show through the house after their baths, forcing me to chase them to put on their pj’s.

7:30-7:55pm Read books. Of course, we have to pick a girl book and boy book. Tyson has no patience for princess books and plays cars while I read to Sydney. Since Sydney already has reading homework in kindergarten, I let her take a turn reading, too.

8pm The kids are now off to bed and make 1,000 excuses for me to give them one more kiss. I gladly comply.

8:05-10pm Rush downstairs to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Forensic Files (flip back and forth). I am addicted to Forensic Files. Meanwhile, I keep working on the computer as I watch my shows — that is until I fall asleep with the computer still in my lap.

10:30pm Sydney comes downstairs and wakes me up to inform me that her mattress is not comfortable and that she likes mine better. Can she sleep in my bed? No. I fight through my grogginess and walk Sydney back up to Tyson’s room where she chooses to sleep in one of his bunk beds. I don’t think she has slept all night in her own room in over a year.

10:35pm Give her my patented “cookie monster’ kiss and tell her I love her and will see her in the morning.