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Amazing Manners

When a 3-year-old boy ran up to Elise McVeigh and properly, genially introduced his friends to her, she knew she was really starting to make an impact. McVeigh, of Dallas, has been teaching etiquette classes to children since 2003. She charges $69 for a one-day class, where kids can learn a number of topics, such as writing thank-you notes, how to behave on an airplane and how to set a table.

But those of you who can’t make it to a class are in luck. This month, McVeigh is releasing Mrs. McVeigh’s Magnifi cent Manners Show, a DVD that teaches kids many of the same lessons and offers behind-the-scenes footage and role-playing demonstrations.

“Manners will get you everywhere,” McVeigh says. “You won’t get far without them … visiting grandparents, on a date, a job interview.”

Get your kids started on the right path by picking up the DVD from her Web site, www.mrsmcveighsmanners.com for $19.99.