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Alternative Medicine: Is It for You?

Does a foggy cloud enshroud your understanding of alternative medicine? Its popularity is growing in the U.S., especially for those seeking less-invasive treatments to combat common-mommy illnesses such as fatigue, inability to lose weight, joint pain, allergies and much more.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the principals of alternative medicine rest in these ideals: Prevention is the key to good health; your body has the ability to heal itself; and holistic care is top priority (meaning that physical, mental and spiritual health are equally important).

Dr. Larry Davis, director of Plano’s Nutritional Wellness Center, explains that the key to practicing alternative medicine “is viewing the person as a whole. We look to see what’s going on in a person’s life and diet.” Specifically, he adds, the Wellness Center seeks to build patients’ immune systems and therefore empower patients to fight off ailments on their own without pharmaceuticals.

Davis aids each patient’s health with an array of whole food supplements, and, in addition, his office tests and treats allergies and food sensitivities with progressive techniques such as acupuncture.
But, he explains, alternative medicine boils down to simply caring for your body in a holistic fashion. “Food has become very commercialized and devitalized,” he says. “People need to be aware of the nutrients that they’re putting into their bodies and the outcome that those nutrients have on their overall health.”