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Allan Shivers Park in Dallas

Location: 2222 Welborn St., Dallas. This playground is located at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, across from the hospital's main entrance. The park occasionally closes for private events. Call 214/559-7606 before visiting. 
What makes it noteworthy: Whether your kids are crawling, walking or have limited mobility, this playground will keep them entertained. The rubber-padded, wheelchair-accessible park has many interactive structures to explore, including music and dancing games, miniature rock climbing walls and a playhouse.
Extras: Shade cover over play structures and benched areas ensures this park will stay fun even in Texas' summer heat. The perimeter gate keeps curious kids inside the park. Benches and picnic tables scattered around the playground allow adults and tired kids plenty of places to sit.
Safety: Allan Shivers Park scored an A* on the Safety Report Card. The newly renovated playground offers well-maintained structures for all abilities.
+ Lots of shade
+ Restrooms and water fountains
+ Perimeter gate
– Occasionally closed for private events
– Often crowded
Overall grade: 5/5 stars
*Based on the National Program for Playground Safety's Report Card at playgroundsafety.org
This review was distributed to the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department for further review and/or action.

Published June 2015