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Aim High!

There’s something about being in the wilderness to remind you of the things that really matter. Inspired by a trip he took with his son, Lake Highlands resident Kipp Murray formed High Adventure Treks (HATS). It’s a program that uses wilderness experiences to aid in communication between dads and their sons and daughters. “It’s about dads building relationships [with their children],” Murray points out. Though the original focus was on dads and daughters, HATS now offers programs throughout the school year for boys and girls in grades 4-9, with each grade focusing on different skills ranging from basic camping skills to rock climbing and white water kayaking. “Who’s going to catch you if you fall?” Murray inquires—referring to the theme of trust that goes hand-in-hand with sixth-grade rock climbing, in which dads belay the kids. Want to get trekking? Yearly dues are $125 with additional fees for campouts and other adventures. 214/348-7800; highadventuretreks.org.