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A Winter Wonderland

For Rebekah Dempsey, any reason is a good reason to throw a party. Not only does she throw her 5-year-old daughter Lauren some of the most elaborate birthday parties around, but she also enjoys putting together posh holiday get-togethers for Lauren and friends. As Rebekah puts it, “There are just so many thing in life to celebrate.” So when the holiday season rolled around last year, Rebekah couldn’t wait to transform her Dallas home into a magical winter wonderland.

As creative director of A Blissful Nest, a website dedicated to entertaining, home décor and custom party decorations, Rebekah is no newbie to the party scene. She spent just a week preparing for the holiday party, starting with selecting a white and turquoise color palette accented by neutrals, browns and burlaps. “That’s what I really love about event planning,” Rebekah says. “It’s visual eye candy.”

Rebekah employed the whole family’s help, sending her husband on a hunt for discarded crates, which would serve as furniture, and asking 5-year-old Lauren to put together a small guest list and brainstorm ideas for decorations and activities.

When the day of the party finally arrived, Lauren and friends stepped into the Dempsey’s re-imagined breakfast nook where they were whisked away to fairytale winter wonderland. Using crates and tree branches, Rebekah brought the rustic feel of the outdoors in. She added touches of sparkle with a small dessert buffet and a white Christmas tree, which the children later decorated.

Layered pudding parfaits, homemade snowflake lollipops and doughnuts from a doughnut cake (which Rebekah says are very trendy right now) were hits, but Rebekah says the kids’ favorite parts of the party were the hands-on activities. Rebekah likes to include at least two or three activities for each kid-centric party she throws, so in addition to decorating a Christmas tree, Lauren and guests made completely edible snowmen using marshmallows, chocolates and pretzels. “I don’t think you can go wrong with an edible activity,” Rebekah says.

Rebekah says the party was a hit, and her winter wonderland theme could easily be adapted into a birthday party for parents looking to throw a winter-theme bash. “Repurpose things that are in your home,” she suggests. She also encourages parents to look into printable party packages, which make adding small touches quick and affordable. Above all, Rebekah urges parents to commemorate events all year round. “It’s such a fun thing that I get to do with Lauren,” Rebekah says. “It’s very special, celebrating those special moments in life. You have to create them.”

Published December 2013