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A Wednesday in the life of Trudy Baade

Trudy Baade is a Realtor with Coppell Realty and a certified master wedding planner with Lagniappe Weddings, which she co-owns. She lives in Coppell with her husband, Matt; two daughters, Charlotte, 4, and Sarah Kate, 2; and two pugs, Jager and Shiner. 

4:15AM Matt’s alarm goes off. Wakes me. He hits snooze.
4:16AM Back to sleep …
4:30AM Matt’s alarm goes off again – Get up! He’s off for a run. I’m awake again, this time with thoughts are running through my head about the day and hoping Matt returns unharmed from wildlife on his run in the dark. Really, who runs in the dark?
4:45AM Finally fall back asleep.
5:30AM My alarm goes off. (Don’t snooze; don’t do it!) Matt’s back in one piece! He gets ready for work and is out the door again. This is my small window of peace before the day begins. I get up, feed the dogs and make coffee – aahhhhh! I curl up with my book and enjoy the peace.
6:30AM I get ready for the day. Today is a work-from-home day, which means I quickly dress in workout clothes, then check email, messages and to-do list for the day before the girls get up. Feed Jager and Shiner.
6:40AM Girls’ alarm goes off. (My … we have a lot of alarms.) It’s time for the morning routine: get dressed, make beds, brush teeth. My youngest, Sarah Kate, is always full of energy, up and ready pretty quickly. On the other hand, my oldest, Charlotte, has her own schedule in mind.
7:15AM Breakfast time. The girls gather at the breakfast bar for yogurt and a bagel. We talk through the activities of the day and, if we have time, we read a book.
7:45AM We load up the car and head to preschool. The girls love singing in the car, and, frankly, so do I. So we sing as loud as we can to our favorite songs. We may get a few stares but, who cares? Loud and proud!
7:55AM We arrive at school. I sign in the girls and take each to their classrooms. Hugs and kisses from both – I sure hope they never get to old to do this!
8:10AM Gym time for mommy. I either run or head over to Pure Barre for a workout.
10:00AM Get ready for the day. Then, check email and my checklist of things to do for the day. I’m pretty organized, and nothing makes me feel better then checking off my to-dos! Since I work from home, my schedule is pretty flexible. Some days, I stay home and knock out my list; other days, I pack in meetings until I pick up the girls.
11:00AM Today’s agenda includes errands that can be done quickly and efficiently by one person, without the help of wonderful little hands. I save those errands for when I need helpers!
12:30PM Lunch (wait for it … an uninterrupted lunch) with a friend. It’s always nice to catch up with friends. It brings me pure joy to take time, be in the moment and enjoy what life has to offer. Friendships really are the best!
2:30PM I love this time of the day: picking up the girls from school. It’s pure excitement when they see me, and they’re always eager to share stories from their day. There is nothing better than a smile, a hug and kiss, and “I love you mommy!” After school, the girls and I decide it’s time for a Starbucks treat. I must admit I have a Starbucks addiction!
3:45PM Today’s afternoon activities include tap and ballet for Sarah Kate and swim team for Charlotte. My mom, Dede, meets me to take Sarah Kate to dance so that I can take Charlotte to swim. We are so thankful Dede lives close by; she is a blessing in our lives.
5:30PM We are back home. I feed Jager and Shiner, unpack the backpacks, gather dance bag and swim bag, and begin preparing (or thinking about preparing) dinner.
6:30PM Matt’s home from work, and it’s dinnertime. I’m not much of a cook, so it’s a miracle if we have a home-cooked meal. I’m really good at calling in food or picking up prepared meals from our favorite restaurants.
7:30PM Bedtime routine: bath, PJs, brush teeth and hair. We all take turn reading books. The girls love playing teacher and reading to us. Their imaginations are fantastic! We say our prayers, then hugs and kisses.
8:30PM With the girls asleep, Matt and I pour a glass of wine and say cheers to a great day! I love this time of day too. It’s the chance for us to share our stories from the day. Then we (mostly Matt) watch any sports that are on. Don’t get me wrong; I love sports. They’re the best background noise when you are checking Instagram!
9:30PM Yes, this is my bedtime curfew. I need the zzz’s before Matt’s alarm “sings” me awake and I have the energy to take on a new day. I have to admit, though, I love my packed days filled with new experiences, new challenges and many new memories. 

Published October 2015