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A Wednesday in the Life of Rachel Pellegrino

Rachel Pellegrino lives in Bedford with her husband of nine years, Jason, a systems analyst at Fidelity. She’s mom to Brianna, 5, stepmom to Anthony, 13, and founder of Little Lamb Books, which publishes faith-based fiction for kids.  

6:30AM The voices of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor begin singing “Good Morning” until I hit snooze. They are way too cheerful for this time of day. I drift off again, dreaming of having a chauffeur, maid, butler and chef.
6:48AM I hit the alarm again, roll to an upright position and open my eyes — one more hit of the alarm and we will be late. I’m so not a morning person, but waking up my sweet girl as I sing her a song, kiss her head and cuddle for a few minutes is the best start to my day.
7:10AM We’re downstairs eating breakfast as a family: mini-muffins and yogurt for Bria, coffee and English muffin with peanut butter for my husband, and tea and breakfast granola for me. My stepson, Anthony, is not at our house today — he’s only with us every other weekend.
7:50AM Bria’s dressed in her school uniform and I’m in workout clothes as we race out the door to get to school on time. Thankfully, we moved last year and are literally less than a mile from school, or we would probably be late every day.
8:05AM Back at home, I stretch before walking a mile. I envy those who enjoy working out. Exercising is one of my two least favorite things. (Cooking is the other.)
9:15AM My thoughts are full of my to-do list as I get cleaned up and dressed for the day. Today I have a big meeting, so it’s hair, makeup and choosing between a dress and a pair of palazzo pants with a top.
10AM I grab a cold soda from the fridge (I’m not a coffee drinker, but I still need caffeine) and head to my home office. I power up my Mac and begin prioritizing my day: answer emails, call an author about a contract, check in with our graphic designer, approve a picture-book cover design, etc. Being a children’s publisher of faith-based fiction is a dream come true, but there are many, many moving pieces.
11AM Grab my purse and work bag and head to Dallas for a strategy meeting. From choosing an illustrator to marketing a title, so much goes into publishing a book, and I’m excited to see our books receive national attention.
2PM Back in the car to head home. I missed lunch, so I head through the closest Chickfil- A drive-thru and eat on the go. That reminds me — I still need to figure out what’s for dinner. Truly, the largest stress of my day is cooking dinner!
3:10PM Barely home long enough to change clothes and let our Lab mix Daisy out before getting back in the car and heading to Bria’s school to pick her up.
3:55PM Bria has changed into comfy clothes and we’ve had some time to cuddle and chat, so she’s now sitting on our living room couch with Cheez-Its and a bottle of water just in time to start watching Curious George while I head into my office to see what still needs to be checked off my to-do list.
5:30PM My husband texts that he’s on the way home. I realize I still haven’t figured out dinner, so I hurry into the kitchen to see what I can throw together for a yummy meal.
6:45PM Dinner is on the table, maybe later than our usual 6pm, but we have learned to roll with it. Bria enjoys an all-beef hot dog, tater tots and oranges while Jason and I chow down on spaghetti, mine with clam sauce and his with pesto. He’s not a seafood eater, so we’ve learned to tweak meals according to our preferences.
7:30PM Bria loves playing with her daddy, so while I clean up the dinner dishes and prep lunches for tomorrow, she and Jason play a few rounds of Pac-Man, and then she reads her weekly reading homework to him.
8:15PM Time to get Bria ready for bed. We clean up her room, set out her uniform and start her bath. During bathtime, Bria likes to play the “Ask Me Anything” game where she asks me questions like “What’s your favorite animal?”
9PM Bria is snug as a bug in a rug, and now it’s time for me to shower, wash my hair and wrap up my day. I’m probably late to the game, but I just discovered coconut milk shampoo and conditioner and I love it for my naturally curly hair. Smells yum!
10:15PM After fluffing a load of laundry that’s still in the dryer, I’m in bed with my iPad, iPhone and a legal tablet taking notes and making my to-do list for the next two days. The news is on in the background so I can listen for the weather report — Bria isn’t a fan of storms, so I like to check on what the weather might be as we head into our weekend.
11:30PM After peeking in on Bria one last time, my husband and I are finally in the same place at the same time. We chat about the day’s events before we’re both yawning.
12AM I was once the biggest night owl, but after having Bria, I’m of no use to anyone by midnight. I toss off all the decorative pillows, plug in all technology, turn off lights and try to turn off the gerbil spinning the wheel in my brain. Tomorrow is another day.

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