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A Wednesday in the Life of Rachel D'Eredita

Rachel is a stay-at-home mom to Rosco, 2, Ava, 4 months, and Tank, a French bulldog.  She and her husband Ross, a management consultant, met and married in Manhattan before moving to Irving where they live now. She loves her faith, family, traveling the world, photography, going out to eat and cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.

12:45AM Ava wakes up looking for her pacifier. My husband, still awake working, goes in to give it to her and soothe her back to sleep.

2AM Ava wakes up to eat. I go to her room to nurse her and then put her back to sleep.

4AM She wakes up looking for her pacifier, again. This time I bring her into bed with me because I’m too tired to continue having to go to her room to help her, and it’s easier to soothe her if she’s right next to me.

6AM Ava wakes up to eat. I sit up in bed to feed her and then we fall back asleep together.

7:30AM My husband’s alarm clock goes off for the first time.

7:45AM My husband’s alarm clock goes off for the second time. This time he begins to check his emails before getting out of bed, and I decide it’s time to get up as Rosco will soon be stirring. I take a five-minute shower.

8AM Rosco is awake and calling for me. I get him from his room, change him into his clothes for the day and bring him downstairs for breakfast. He watches Bubble Guppies on my iPad while sipping milk and eating something. Meanwhile, I go back up to nurse and dress Ava.

9:30AM I’m loading up the car for our morning activity. There’s rarely ever a day when we stay home. I’m not sure who needs to get out more, my 2-year-old or me, but having something to do saves us from long hours at home where there’s never quite enough to do to keep all of us entertained. Today, we’re heading to Jump for Fun, a wonderful (air-conditioned) space in Southlake filled with bounce houses. It’s the best $8.66 I can spend in this Dallas sauna.  

11:30AM Rosco’s getting hungry, so we hop in the car and head back home. The ride is filled with singing and talking in an effort to keep him awake. Someday, when I’m locked in a padded room singing Old McDonald on repeat, you’ll know why.

12PM Rosco eats lunch, again watching Bubble Guppies. I too try to eat something while simultaneously nursing or holding Ava, who at this stage in life is miserable if put down for more than 30 seconds.

12:30PM I read Rosco a story and put him down for a nap. Thankfully, he falls asleep easily.

1PM I rock Ava to sleep. Sometimes when I’m exhausted, I nap with her. Most times I take the opportunity to use the next hour I have to clean or catch up on trashy reality TV. (I’m a sucker for The Bachelorette.)

2PM Rosco wakes from his nap. We have a snack and play with Thomas the Tank Engine trains in our playroom.

3PM Ava is awake and we’re out the door to Kroger. I spend the ride giving myself the pre-game pep talk: You will make it through food shopping with two children today. You are super mom! It takes me at least 10 minutes just to get out of the car between putting Rosco in a cart, Ava in her carrier, remembering my reusable grocery bags, credit card (and ID for wine because, really, I must be younger than 21 with two kids and this many lines on my forehead).

4PM I exit Kroger with a smile on my face while pushing two carts to my car, one with my son and the other with my groceries. At home I race to unpack the groceries while Ava cries because — you got it — I put her down for 30 seconds.

5PM I nurse Ava while cooking Rosco dinner. While he eats, I think about cooking dinner for my husband — who will eat it hours later — and me.

6PM Text husband. “Please tell me you’re coming home to help me with bathtime tonight.”

6:02PM Beg husband to come home and help with bath tonight.

6:07PM Promise husband homemade strawberry rhubarb pie if he could please … just … make … it … home …

7:35PM Husband comes home. Hooray! Happy dance! I quickly hand Ava off to him before he’s even had a chance to put down his work bag so I can begin cleaning up the kitchen that looks like a bomb exploded in it.

7:45PM I take Ava back so he can eat dinner, and I bring her upstairs for her bath. This is one of the happiest moments of my day as it’s just her and me; I can bathe her in relative peace and then nurse and rock her to sleep.

8PM My husband bathes Rosco, reads him bedtime stories and puts him to bed. Him taking on this task is what I am most thankful for each day.

8:30PM I collapse onto my bed, exhausted. A few minutes later I pull myself up to wash my face, brush my teeth and change. We lie in bed together and talk and watch some of our favorite shows on an iPad.

9:30PM Whatever we’re watching is turned off. We say a prayer together, which is nearly always one of thanks for our children (who seem so much more pleasant and perfect once they’ve been asleep for an hour) and I happily drift off to sleep. 

Published September 2015