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A Wednesday in the Life of Natasha Swint

how this Fort Worth mom of four (and 25 animals) spends her day

Natasha Swint lives on her very own makeshift farm on acreage in Fort Worth with her husband Chaz, four kids (Andrew, 14, Ava, 11, and twins Zachary and Ashlynn, 9) and, oh yeah, 25 animals. She also works part time for American Airlines in customer service. As you can imagine, her typical day is a busy one.

6AM Wake up! Alarm goes off and ready for a cold day ahead. Wake up Andrew, the oldest, and the 9-year-old twins first. Cereal of choice this morning: Froot Loops Marshmallows. (Breakfast of champions—but throw in some vitamins to wash it down.)

6:30AM I take Andrew to freshman football practice before school; only two games left this season. Come back home, and Ava wakes up to her own alarm set early so I can curl her hair to go along with her new outfit. She looks so cute and grown up!

7:10AM Hubby takes twins to school as I sip on my second cup of coffee and get Ava ready to go out the door, lunchbox in tow.

7:45AM Literally dreading having to go outside and feed the animals today. I normally love it, and they are always so happy to see me, but 37 degree wind chill, muddy rain puddles and drizzle are not my friend today!

8AM Hearing the donkey hee-haw quite loudly is a good reminder that they are hungry and not a fan of this weather either, so I layer up … and head outside to make my rounds. We currently have two yellow labs, one barn kitten, five chickens, two ducks, two pigs, three piglets, one billy goat, four pregnant pygmy goats, one bunny, two mini donkeys, one newborn baby donkey (one of my favorite creatures ever) and, last but not least, my cream malti-poo “Honey” that is my sidekick and lives in the house. We moved out to 5 acres over a year ago and just started accumulating farm animals as our pets. They don’t necessarily have a purpose other than the chickens, which provide about five to six eggs daily, and the goats mow down the grass.

8:30AM Go through game plan for the day with hubby, who is self-employed as a real estate agent for the past 18 years.

8:45AM Chaz makes us a delicious “farm fresh” egg casserole for breakfast after I found 16 eggs in the coop, since it’s been raining and I haven’t checked it in a few days. Hop in the shower to get warm and ready for the day.

NOON Log in to work from home for the greatest airline in the world. I make outbound calls to members whose miles are about to expire and let them know they have options to extend them. I’ve worked with this company for almost seven years, and I love every bit of it. We have had so many opportunities to travel! This year we went to Croatia, and I literally booked it the day before we left.

2PM Break to eat lunch (dinner leftovers) and laugh to myself at our shopping outing last night with all the kids. Andrew is almost 15 [years old] and 6 feet tall. Literally nothing fits him anymore. He started the school year in American Eagle size x-small, and he is now in a large! So we bought him several cold weather items, and if he liked something, the latest teen slang is to say that’s “the drip,” which apparently means something looks good and you like it. So he let me tease him holding items up and use, “Is this the drip?” to approve it or not. Wow, he sure makes me feel old sometimes!

2:55PM The twins are the first ones home from school via bus, and Ashlynn runs into my home office and proudly shows off hundreds of tiny dots of marker all over her hands and proclaims she gave herself the chicken pox. I laugh and shake my head and tell them to go work on their homework for the week.

3:40PM Zachary comes busting into my office crying and upset because his Halloween plastic knife has been broken, and now the world is ending because his costume (scary clown) is ruined. His twin sister now joins in, which leads them to wrestling on the ground and lots of giggles.

4:30PM All four kids are back home from school, and tonight the girls have cheer practice at a local cheer gym. We typically volunteer at Elevate through our youth group on Wednesday nights but not this week, so we aren’t as busy today.

5:15PM Girls go out the door with dinner in hand; Dad volunteered to take them to practice tonight so he could work out at the gym nearby, so I decided to stay home with the boys.

5:45PM Feeding time for 25 animals in the cold, round two! It’s still lightly sprinkling and 42 degrees. They look miserable, so I’m feeding them a little extra since they remained in the covered area most of the day because of the rain and didn’t graze much. The piglets are squealing like crazy for food, and of course, the donkey let out another hee-haw!

6:30PM Dinner’s ready—wing night!

9PM Girls come home from cheer and take showers. Everyone is winding down for the night and starting to get into bed.

9: 55PM I decompress by reading The Four Agreements, which was given to me by my dad per his advice to be able to live my best life. I finish the chapter, watch a little TV and make sure the alarm is set for 6am for another day.

Fast Facts

What she’s reading The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
Best vacation Sandals in St. Lucia
Book on her nightstand Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
Whose Instagram she always likes Fashion influencers
Favorite indulgence Pizza
Favorite date night spot Eddie Vʼs Prime Seafood in Fort Worth, jazz lounge
Favorite scent Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf
Biggest pet peeve Lying
What she does when life gets stressful Pray
Motherhood in five words Heart living outside my chest
Favorite cheap meal to feed the kids Chick-fil-A
Why she chose where she lives Land for kiddos and animals
Something she learned this week Be impeccable with your word.
She’s really good at Being late
Habit she can’t quit Shopping
If she had to change careers, she’d be a I love my job with the airlines; it is my dream job!

Image courtesy of Kristen Rue Photography.