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A Wednesday in the Life of Nancy Major

Inside the sweet life of this bakery-owning mom of four

Life is sweet for Nancy Major. She and her husband, pastry chef Sam Major, moved to Dallas in 2016 when they purchased Tart Bakery in the Park Cities. The couple lives in Lakewood with their four children— Catherine, 7, Peter, 5, Elisabeth, 3, and Andrew, 4 months. 

4:49AM My husband wakes up one minute before his alarm. I’m grateful not to be as awake as I would have been had the alarm gone off. Sam kisses my forehead and at 5:15, he’s off to the bakery.

6:25AM My alarm goes off. I could sleep another 15 minutes, but I’ve put off making lunches. The kids will be up shortly so I pour some milk for Elisabeth, Cate and Peter before checking on Andrew.

6:52AM Oatmeal is ready. The kids take a bite and it’s clear I’ve cut the sugar too much—they are on to me. I cave. A little more sugar for each of them.

7:25AM I remind Peter to get ready. Cate is dressed, except she can’t find any socks. I tell her to take some out of Peter’s drawer and get her violin.

7:30AM I quickly feed Andrew before we begin loading into the car to drop off Peter and Cate at school. We run through the checklist: backpacks, lunches, Andrew in car seat, and shoes on Elisabeth.

8AM Back home. The morning blitz continues: beds made, bathroom wiped down, dishwasher unloaded, breakfast dishes loaded, frozen chicken pulled out to thaw, laundry folded and sorted.

9:15AM Wrangle Elisabeth into her ballet clothes. Twist her waist-long curly hair into the required bun.

9:40AM Off to ballet.

10:30AM Elisabeth bounds out of ballet and around the building to our bakery for a treat. My friend Liz meets us there with her little guy for some cookies. We’re glad for a chance to catch up while the kids eat their treats.

10:35AM Sam sneaks out front for a quick visit. I’m in yoga pants and have a messy bun and no makeup on, trying to keep a low profile as guests come and go. Someone recognizes Elisabeth’s picture on the wall and my cover as the owner is blown. I swear that next week I will get myself together before ballet.

11:17AM Elisabeth and Andrew fall asleep on the way home, and I pray for a smooth transfer to bed. Like, an actual prayer. I get both of them inside asleep.

11:35AM I get a text from Sam alerting me that our supplier didn’t deliver Callebaut chocolate as promised. He asks me to pick some up from Restaurant Depot. I look at the clock and tell him that I’ll be at the bakery at 12:50. One of my talents is the ability to estimate how long almost any task will take me within about two minutes.

11:40AM I put Andrew in the car and wake up Elisabeth. She’s crying and confused. I get outside and realize I should have taken her to the bathroom. Back inside, back outside, buckled in the car.

12:15PM Arrive at Restaurant Depot. Carts here are not made for a toddler, a baby, and fancy chocolate. Put Andrew in the Snap-N-Go. Elisabeth walks.

12:20PM Where is the chocolate in this place? Why are there no signs? Is there like a secret chef code that helps people find stuff in here? Oh, there it is.

12:49PM I make it to Tart with a minute to spare and hand Sam the chocolate. Elisabeth wants a cookie, forgetting she’s already had one. She wails, “I want a cookie from da bakery!” Sympathetic look from Sam, quick kisses for all of us.

3PM I walk to school to meet Cate, Peter, and a friend.

3:25PM Snack time. Painting. “Let’s make cookies.” Nerf guns. Trampoline. “Can we watch a show?”

5PM School friend gets picked up. Neighbor friend comes over. Time to start thinking about what to do with that chicken.

5:30PM I feed and change Andrew, holding him on my hip as I check on the kids out front. Bikes, skateboards, and construction vehicles are all in action. Chicken is in the oven. Salad is made. Neighbor friend heads home.

5:53PM “Cate, set the table. Peter, get napkins. Elisabeth, put your clothes back on.”

5:55PM “She hit me!” “He hit me first. He is the worst brother!” I ignore the yelling and head to the bathroom, only to find toothpaste on the shower curtain. Peter admits to doing it, but says Cate tempted him.

5:56PM Sam is home!

6PM Dinner. Or long-distance marathon training. Whatever you want to call it.

6:35PM Dishes cleared, jammies, reading, bedtime milk.

7:15PM Teeth brushing, prayers, all tucked in.

7:25PM Sam snuggles Elisabeth. I hold Andrew and sit on Peter’s bed, while Peter and Cate are together in the trundle from under his bed.

7:35PM Everyone’s asleep!

7:36PM Sam gives me the run-down on the day at the bakery: review retail sales numbers, update on wholesale clients, discuss new product ideas, a funny story or two. I do the same—friend was over, toothpaste story, and I ask Sam to bring in the bikes.

8:15PM Start the dishwasher. Think about making lunches. Nah. We fold laundry together and watch an episode of The Crown.

9:30PM Check my bakery email. Review a handful of donation requests. Write and schedule bakery Facebook posts for the next few days.

10:25PM Think about making lunches again. Nah. Time for bed!

1:22AM Andrew’s up. Feed, burp, snuggle, back to bed.

1:43AM If I’m asleep in six minutes, I can sleep three straight hours.