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A Wednesday in the life of Megan Harney

Megan Harney is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Carrollton with her husband, Daniel, and their 16-month-old daughter, Elli. She is a freelance graphic designer, and she writes a blog called Wit & Wander.

8AM I roll out of bed and rush to change and brush my teeth before Elli wakes up.

8:15AM I hear babbling over the monitor — she’s awake and “talking” to her stuffed animals. When I reach her room, she excitedly hands me her teddy bear and signs “milk.” She isn't talking yet, but knows several words in sign language. We head downstairs, breastfeed, and play for a few minutes before breakfast. I get her a sippy cup and pour a bowl of cereal for us to share.

9:30AM I put the dishes from last night’s dinner in the dishwasher and sit down to play with Elli. She got a new pop-up book full of animals that she loves to read, so we point at all the animals and talk about their sounds. She knows how to roar like a lion and bark like a dog, and she’s always so proud of herself when she gets them right. After reading books and playing with toys for a while, we get ready to head to the library. I say, “Elli, bring me your shoes,” and she finds her favorite brown corduroy shoes and lifts up a foot when I ask her where they go.

10:15AM Library story time! Today’s theme is trains, so we listen to stories, make train noises and sing songs. Today the librarian gets out the parachute, which is every toddler's favorite. Elli doesn’t really understand how to play with the parachute, but she tries to be like the big 2-year-old girls on either side of her. Then we sing the goodbye song. After story time, she plays with the wooden activity cube in the kids’ area and reads books for a couple of minutes while I catch up with a few other moms.

10:45AM Elli starts to get cranky, so we head home. On the way home, she sticks her thumb in her mouth and holds her ear, so I know she's really tired. We climb up the stairs, read two books, turn on her sound machine, and I lay her down for her first nap. I quickly start a load of laundry and take pictures of a free printable I plan to introduce on the blog next week. I open my laptop at the dining room table, check social media and write next week’s blog post.

12:00PM I lost track of time, so Daniel surprises me when he arrives home for lunch. Elli wakes up as we start making sandwiches. I get her up, change her diaper, and then we head downstairs to eat. Today she’s having a “deconstructed sandwich” (toast sticks, cheese and turkey) and some applesauce. I put chicken in the slow cooker for taco dinner tonight.

12:45PM Daniel plays with Elli for a few minutes before heading back to work. I picked up an audiobook at the library, so we listen to a book as I fold laundry and she plays (or “helps” me fold laundry, which of course means taking apart all the socks I just folded!).

2PM Time for her second nap! I finish the blog post and edit the photos I started working on this morning. Elli hasn’t woken up yet, so I brainstorm a few new designs for my graphic design shop.

4PM Elli wakes up, breastfeeds, and we play with Legos until daddy gets home. She signs “please,” asking for Teddy Grahams, and we practice signing “more” while she eats.

5:15PM Elli gets so excited when she hears the doorknob start to turn. She gets up and waddles as quickly as she can toward the door, waving her arms. She always has a toy ready for Daddy as soon as he walks through the door, and today it’s a kazoo. He obliges and plays the kazoo while he takes off his shoes.

5:30PM I shred the chicken for dinner, and we make tacos together. Over dinner, we talk about our days and make faces with Elli. She isn’t a huge fan of the chicken, so she’s having some broccoli, yogurt and a banana. Tonight is church night, so Daniel takes Elli in the stroller on a quick run before we head out the door. 

7PM At church, we drop Elli off in the nursery so she can play with friends, and we go to a class on learning to save money and invest wisely. Tonight’s topic is creating a budget, which I love learning about because I’m a total nerd!

8:30PM It’s a late night, but Elli really needs a bath, so Daniel takes her upstairs, sings the bath time song and lets her splash around with her duckies for a few minutes. Then they pray, read from her Storybook Bible, and read two books. Then he turns on her sound machine and lays her down in her crib. She talks to her stuffed animals for a minute, but she drifts to sleep pretty quickly.

9:00PM Daniel and I grab some pretzels and peanut butter, talk about the day, and watch an episode of our favorite comedy. Since it’s not too late, we also watch a home renovation show.

10:30PM I tidy the toys and rinse off the dishes so that the house is relatively clean in the morning. We climb into bed, set our alarms and drift to sleep.

Published November 2015