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A Wednesday in the Life of Lindsay Klatzkin

Lindsay is the volunteer coordinator for SafeHaven of Tarrant County. She transplanted to Fort Worth in 2010 and met her husband, Kyle, the director of operations of Integra Funding Solutions, at a friend’s wedding reception in 2011. After a three-month engagement, they married in 2012, and now the couple lives in the Ridglea area with their sons, Samuel, 2, and Benjamin, 5 months, and their 6-year-old standard poodle, Bentley.

6AM Like every morning in the Klatzkin household, I am jolted awake by our eager-to-start-the-day 2-year-old son, Sam. He’s clutching his bedtime book in one hand and a cup of water in the other while he attempts to climb on top of me in our bed. Quickly he realizes that I am not the parent who is going to give him what he wants, so he moves over to Dad and says, “Dad, get up. Let’s go make coffee.” By this time, Benjamin is stirring. Our day has begun. My husband groggily hoists both boys into his arms and goes to make coffee. Since our sweet baby Benjamin isn’t sleeping through the night yet, these few minutes to doze without anyone needing me is my favorite mental vacation. When I smell the coffee, I get up and find both boys snuggling with Dad watching Grant Johnston’s weather report on Channel 5. This never fails to make me smile.

6:30AM Breakfast time. Breakfast is scrambled eggs, yogurt and blueberries. During breakfast, we plan out our day, which involves who gets to shower first. We finish up breakfast, make lunches and prepare Benjamin’s bottles for the day.

7:15AM I pick out the boys’ outfits for the day and toss them to Dad. I start getting ready and Sam runs back to our bathroom so I can tame his mop of blond curls. After I finish getting ready, I nurse Benjamin while Sam plays in his playroom and Dad showers.

8AM Kyle loads all of us up in my car — two boys, three bags, my travel mug of coffee, a large Tervis tumbler of water — and off we go. Thankfully, Kyle works four minutes from our house, so he always helps get us out the door first.

8:20AM I am thankful that I am able to work for a mission that I am passionate about — ending domestic violence as the volunteer coordinator for SafeHaven of Tarrant County. Our office has an on-site (awesome!) child care center so the boys come to work with me. After I take Sam to his room and greet his teacher and friends, I get Benjamin settled in his room next door.

8:35AM I boot up my computer while chatting with my co-workers. We have an open-concept office, which works so well for collaboration as it relates to my division. Time to work.

11:45AM I check on Samuel who is settling down for nap. Next, I check in on Benjamin who is usually hungry, and I nurse him and get some chubby baby snuggles.

12PM I meet my friend Pam for lunch at Fixture right down the road. I love catching up with her as she has two little boys too. We end up laughing about the funny things our babies are doing right now and catch each other up on our lives.

4PM I pick up Benjamin and find Sam’s class on the playground outside. We sit and watch Sam play with his friends while I talk with Sam’s teacher about her day. When it’s time for his class to go inside, Sam gives hugs to his friend Greyson and Mrs. Mac, and we head home.

4:45PM When we get home, it’s time to start dinner, which is grilled chicken and asparagus. (and macaroni and cheese for Sam). Sam plays with his puzzles, and Benjamin is in his bouncer watching me cook.

5:20PM Dad’s home! Sam hears Dad’s car come into the driveway and runs out to greet him with a huge bear hug. Ben gives a drooling grin when Dad walks in the door. It’s time for dinner. Kyle and I take turns holding the baby while we all talk about our day and try to get Sam to eat just one more bite.

6PM Bathtime for Sam and Ben. Sam stays in the water until it’s cold and even after we let the water out. I think he would sleep in the tub if we let him.

6:45PM Sam picks out two books, and Dad and I take turns reading. Then it’s off to bed for Sam. I sing him my bedtime song, and we say our prayers. Then Sam asks me to go get Daddy. After Dad comes back to the living room, we laugh about the silly things that sleepy Sam had to say before he finally drifted off to sleep.

7:30PM Dad puts Ben to sleep in our room — all swaddled up warm and snug.

8PM Time for wine and stovetop popcorn while we decompress. Yay! We talk about our fast-paced day and try to decide what show to start on Netflix. We cannot decide so we just veg-out for a few minutes trying not to be the first to go to bed.

9:30PM Kyle says it first: “Let’s go to bed.” We each read a book for about five minutes until our eyes cannot stay open one more second. The day is done.