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A Wednesday in the Life of Laura Heibel

Laura Heibel is director of sales for the Dallas market at Milestone Distributors, where she represents niche luxury appliance brands. Laura and her husband of 10 years, Chris, live in Keller with their 8-year-old daughter, Audrey, and 6-year-old son, Dane. The newest member of their family is Remington, their vizsla puppy.

4:42AM Beep, Beep, Beep. The alarm goes off. I roll over, turn the alarm off and give myself three more minutes of sleep; any more than that, and I would sleep till noon.

4:45AM My day has started. I give myself five minutes to dress and brush my teeth, then it’s off to the gym for my hour of “me time.”  If it doesn’t happen at 5 in the morning when everyone is asleep, it won’t happen.

5:15AM My happy hour: RPM class at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s my chance to visit with friends and get my stress relief in without any distractions.

6:30AM I drive back from the gym to give our new puppy Remy a quick walk around the block before waking the Heibel house.

6:45AM While I get lunches ready, my husband gets the kids up. As my husband makes pancakes, I sit at the table and run spelling words with both Audrey and Dane while trying to keep our new puppy from jumping up on the table to grab pancakes off the kids’ plates.

7:40AM Kids have eaten, dressed, brushed hair and teeth, and are walking out the door. My husband walks the kids to school.

7:45AM Now it’s my turn to get ready. I hop in for a quick 20-minute shower before I need to leave in order to get to my first account by 9am.

8:15AM I have packed my lunch and made my list of items that need to be completed today that I won't be able to get to. This usually involves getting to the grocery store, picking up dry cleaning and cleaning bathrooms. Chris, my husband, is right behind me picking up my list and agreeing to run these errands for us.

8:30AM This is my 30–45 minutes every day when I listen to the news on the radio, eat my breakfast and drink my morning cup of coffee as I drive to my first sales call. Today my 30 minutes turns into an hour because there is an accident on Highway 114. I know this will throw my day off by 30 minutes and I need to find a way to make it up.

9:30AM Finally arrive at my first sales call of the day. I am holding a 30-minute group training for 15 people on the new grill line we are carrying. All my stories and experiences hearken back to my family and what we do at home — this is my way of keeping my family with me daily. In the middle of the meeting, I realize that I forgot to pack snacks for the kids, so after the training, I call home to my husband to see if can run up to the school and drop off snacks for the kids. Problem averted.

11AM I hop in my car, eat a quick apple and, while sitting in the parking lot, check email and return business phone calls. I send a quick text to the girlfriends I will be meeting for tennis today.

11:30AM I take off to my next sales call. This call is not as formal; it involves checking displays, sharing one or two facts about product and resolving issues.

12:45PM I get back in my car and grab my lunch. While I sit in my car and eat, I answer my work emails. I do take a couple of minutes to check my personal email and Facebook so I can find out what is happening socially in my world.

1:30PM At my third sales call. This dealer enjoys visiting, but I need to stay on task to make sure I have enough time to prepare myself for my meetings tomorrow. I check the dealer’s displays and do a sales pitch on the value grill line that we carry.

3:30PM I return to my home office. My husband deflects the kids so they aren’t running in as I answer the remainder of my emails for the day and divert any problems.

4:20PM My husband has the kids ready to go, and I take them with me to tennis lessons. While they play, my girlfriends join me and we get a quick 1 ½-hour game in.

6PM Chris has dinner ready when we get home — tonight it’s tacos.

6:30PM Chris and I divide and conquer homework with Audrey and Dane individually.

7PM Audrey showers first. While Audrey is showering, I run piano practice with Dane. Tonight it’s going well — no arguing with me, and he is not rushing. Then Dane showers and Audrey gets her turn on piano. We are getting close to the recital, so the music sounds beautiful … but of course, she doesn’t want to play it as many times as I request.

7:50PM Both kids are winding down. Dane gets into bed we read one more book. Audrey reads and then writes in her diary.

8:15PM Dane still likes for us to sit with him in his room as he goes to sleep. I bring my computer and work on preparing for tomorrow’s presentations and meetings.

8:30PM We kiss Audrey goodnight and shut off her light. Then Chris and I get a chance to get caught up on our shows. We usually have a good laugh with Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes I get him to watch The Bachelor. While we watch, I multitask: answering emails, getting the kids’ lunches and snacks prepped for tomorrow.

10:30PM After I wash up and get into bed, I say goodnight and give a kiss to my love and go to sleep. I know 4:45am is going to come early, and I guarantee that I will be getting a late-night visitor.

1:49AM Tonight, it’s just a bad dream from Audrey. I help her back to bed, do the “bad dream routine” and crawl back into my own bed to start again at 4:45.