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A Wednesday in the Life of Kimberly Callahan

A born-and-raised Texan, Kimberly Callahan lives in Lantana with her husband, Matt, who’s a real estate broker for Callahan Realty Group, and her children, Pierce, 8; Dean, 5; and Vivian, 4. Kimberly is currently a stay-at-home mom but is just a few days away from (finally!) taking the Texas Real Estate Exam, so she may soon join Matt in the real estate business. In between parenting duties, she’s a coffee connoisseur and food fanatic.

6:30AM Vivian has crawled into bed with us during the night. I hit snooze on the alarm and roll over to snuggle her for a bit. She’s so warm! Like a little heating pad!

6:45AM My feet hit the floor as I hear the opening and closing of the refrigerator door in the kitchen. Pierce is up and completely ready for school, making his own breakfast. Today…oatmeal. I’m so incredibly proud ofhis independence! Dean requests pancakes. I make extra on Saturday mornings to keep in the freezer for busy weekdays. They are perfect for a quick on-the-go breakfast!

7:05AM I head upstairs to dress Dean. He’s my picky one! Must. Only. Wear. Athletic. Clothes. I let him pick out his outfit to avoid any type of meltdown. Plus, as long as he’s clothed, that’s all that matters, right?!

7:15AM Vivian is up. I quickly grab a warmedup pancake and get her situated at the breakfast table.

7:18AM I comb the boys’ hair, then they brush their teeth.

7:25AM Matt gets up and makes his way into the kitchen and makes his morning espresso.

7:27AM I change from my jammies, toss my hair into a top knot, find a pair of shoes (any shoes!) and meet the boys back in the kitchen. I’ve managed to make myself look somewhat presentable, ya know, in case I see anybody I know during drop-off. I grab lunches from the fridge, and the boys sling backpacks over their shoulders. A quick kiss on the forehead for Vivian and it’s time to go!

7:30AM Drop off boys at their school.

7:45AM Back home! Time to get Vivian ready for preschool!

7:50AM I go upstairs to Vivian’s closet! She tugs her favorite hot pink tutu from a hanger. I find a cute shirt and a pair of shoes to match. She requests a high pony tail then plucks a hot pink headband from her bathroom drawer. The girl can accessorize!

8:05AM We head downstairs, and I turn on the TV for her. I use this time to make a coffee for myself, check emails and get myself ready for the day.

9:05AM Grab lunch and backpack from the counter and we are off!

9:25AM I drop Vivian off at preschool and head to the gym for a morning workout.

11AM Back at home, I shower and grab a quick lunch. Before I decided to go to real estate school, you could probably find me at T.J.Maxx/HomeGoods or Ulta for a solid amount of time. Ask anyone! Buuuuut, today, I study for my real estate exam. It’s not easy, folks, but it will be totally worth it!

1:30PM Pick up Vivian from preschool and head back home for an afternoon snack and to prep dinner for tonight. Pull Pierce’s football pants from the hamper.

2:30PM Get in the pick-up line to wait for the boys to get out of school.

3:15PM Home with the boys from school. Matt works from home so he is here when we get home. He makes them an afternoon snack as I quickly change Vivian into her dance clothes, and we are out the door yet again for dance class.

3:45PM Dance class.

5:25PM Home! (I feel like sometimes I live in my car!) Matt and I high-five each other as we pass each other at the back door. He and Pierce are off to football practice.

5:35PM Kids are hungry! Pull the prepped chicken from the fridge and get that going.

6:15PM I have Dean sit at the counter in the kitchen so I can help him with his homework while I also make dinner. Tonight … reading and sight words. (I’m so tired. I just want to sit down!)

6:30PM Dean, Vivian and I sit down for dinner. We talk about our day. I just love this time with them. They want to tell me everything since I’m finally sitting and can really engage with them!

7PM Bath time.

7:30PM Bedtime. Both kids pick out two books. Dean picks the same books almost every time. Vivian likes the look-and-find books.

8PM A little quiet time before Matt and Pierce get home from practice. I spend this time picking up the house a bit and making lunches for tomorrow.

8:30PM The boys are home! They both eat dinner, and then Pierce showers and puts himself to bed. The responsible one. Remember?

9PM Matt helps me clean the kitchen. Either I will put away the dishes and he will load, or I will load and he will put away. I like this time with him because we can finally connect and visit about our day. We do make quite the team.

9:30PM Relaxation time! Ahhhh! I take a bath and do my nightly routine.

10:30PM I’m in bed, but I’m a night owl and like to stay up late. I browse the internet from my phone. Matt is zonked out.

11:30PM Alarm set for tomorrow. Same stuff, different day. Nighty night.