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A Wednesday in The Life Of Jennifer Ogden

Jennifer Ogden is a buyer for CUSP, the contemporary arm of Neiman Marcus. She and her husband Chris, who owns a custom home-building company, live in Preston Hollow with their daughter Waverly, 2, Jennifer’s daughter Amelia, 12, and Chris’ two sons, Andrew, 12, and Taylor, 9.

6:15AM Rise and shine! Chris starts his day much later, so I give him a kiss, say my morning prayers, and quietly head to make coffee, feed our dog, Lily, and get Amelia’s breakfast and school snack ready.
6:45AM Once I’ve showered, I finally feel like I’ve woken up, so now it’s time to wake Amelia. She still loves school at age 12, so on most days, she’s quick to bounce out of bed to start her morning routine. Not sure how much longer that will last.
7:15AM I sneak in to give the baby a kiss before Amelia and I leave for Trinity Christian Academy (TCA). I love our morning drives. We talk about her upcoming day, projects or tests and sing along to her favorite tunes.
7:45AM I arrive at my office early each morning. This is a great time to quietly catch up on the emails and prioritize tasks for the day. It also enables me to leave by 5pm so I can shift into full “mom mode” and give the kids and Chris my complete attention.      
10AM Meetings, meetings and more meetings. I am one of the web buyers in a very fast-paced women’s contemporary business. I love it. Technology and the market are constantly changing. In order to offer our customers the best of the best, our team has to really stay on top of trends and how our customers shop. One of my favorite parts, after putting an assortment together, is working with our creative team to style emails, editorial features and social media posts.
12:45PM It’s time for a quick lunch at my desk. Occasionally my team and I get to pop over to one of the nearby downtown restaurants to take a break, but I like to keep focused and work through lunch.
2PM Luckily, our office is at the top of our beautiful downtown Neiman Marcus store, where we can just quickly run downstairs to the espresso bar and grab an afternoon pick-me-up. This is also about the time I field a call from my husband. I love that he takes time out of his very busy work day to call and say hi and check in with me.
3:15PM Today is my day for volleyball carpool. Picking up the baby on the way, I head up to TCA to take my daughter’s team to grab a snack after school before going to practice. I rotate carpool duty with a fabulous group of moms in order to make our lives a little bit easier. 
4PM The girls are full of energy and stories from their day. Starving, we run in to Starbucks, their favorite spot, for an afternoon treat. 
5PM While the girls are hard at work at volleyball practice, Waverly and I run in to Central Market to get anything else we need to make dinner — and of course, we always find something else that we need at Central Market.
6:30PM This Wednesday is a late one because of practice. Still, it’s important to me to make a home-cooked meal for the kiddos. So I quickly put together tacos with all the fixings and the six of us sit together to eat and share about our day. Chris has already been at home working on homework with the boys, and of course, always finding time to play — today it’s Nerf gun wars.
7:30PM Waverly’s bath time is one of my favorite times of day. The older kids pop in and out to splash and sing with her. It amazes me how fast the kids grow and change. I relish the moments and then realize we better dry off. Bed and books await.
8:15PM Amelia has showered and is finishing her last bit of homework in bed as Chris and I put the baby to sleep. Of course, Amelia would like to help. All the older kids are just over the moon about Waverly. I think the big age gap has really been a fun blessing to watch. They all have their individual relationships with her — it makes Chris and me very proud.
9:05PM This time is very important: It’s the exact minute I get to settle in with my husband for some alone time. Amelia is lights-out at 9pm, so I make sure to take the 15 or so minutes before then to listen and talk with her about her life and what’s on her mind. I think as kids relax at bedtime, they really open up. Lately, she loves for me to tell her what it was like when I was growing up. I tell her stories about my friends and what it was like for me in middle and high school, then I dash to the master bedroom.
10:30PM Chris and I catch up with each other. It’s very important to both of us to have this time alone together. We talk about our days and what lies ahead as the week comes to a close. Whew — another busy day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.