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A Wednesday in the Life of Chrissy Mallouf

Chrissy Mallouf is a top-producing Keller Williams realtor, overcommitted volunteer and social media guru. She’s been married to John, a manager at DATCU Credit Union, since 2004. The couple lives in Corinth with their two children — Madison, 11, and Holden, 9 — and their rescue dog, a black mouth cur named PattiCakes.

5:15AM My alarm goes off. I need to go to jazzercise, but I am tired from a late night last night. Snooze!

6:30AM The alarm goes off again, and I roll out of bed and make the kids breakfast. Looks like it’s waffles and yogurt today. 

6:45AM I go upstairs to wake up the kids. My daughter jumps out of bed, but my son slowly makes his way downstairs — it’s no use talking to him for about 10 minutes until he fully wakes up. Both kids eat breakfast at the table before getting ready for school. My son gets dressed in five minutes and throws a little hair gel in his hair. My daughter primps a little but is very organized and easy to get out the door. My kids have the responsibility of packing their lunches the night before; I double-check my son’s to make sure it’s not all gummy bears and granola bars.

7:25AM The kids walk to school — we live less than five minutes away from both the elementary school and the middle school. Meanwhile, I hop on the spin bike, turn on Pandora and have my own soul cycle to old-school ’90s hip-hop. 

8AM I hop in the shower and then quickly get ready. I only partially dry my hair and throw on lipstick and eyeliner. On days like this, I’m thankful for my lash extensions. 

9AM I’m at a real estate closing for a buyer — I love seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces during this process.

10AM Running late to my Denton Benefit League meeting. Better late then never. What was I thinking agreeing to be the sales manager for the Tabloid Committee? (I’m also a Denton Parks Foundation board member and a PTA volunteer for both my kids’ schools, and I sponsor a Little Free Pantry for people in need. Overcommitted? Yep, that’s me.) The good thing is that the DBL raises enough money to help 48 local nonprofit groups.

12PM Time to meet my hubby in downtown Denton for a lunch date. (Seems to be the only dates we get lately.) I’m so hungry! Thankfully, the Denton square has so many wonderful restaurants within walking distance of my hubby’s job at DATCU Credit Union. We pick one of our favorites, Barley & Board.

1:15PM Back at my Keller Williams office setting up clients on MLS (a real estate website), then printing out a new listing presentation. This market is hot!

2:30PM Showing homes to clients. Showing homes can be fun — you see all kinds of interesting things and have crazy stories. (Once, a lady forgot about our showing and was in the shower.) I also get great decorating ideas from other homes. In this market, homes typically get multiple offers in a day so I often FaceTime buyers to give tours. Technology has helped us realtors a ton.

3:25PM Back home. While I wait for my daughter to walk home from school, I throw a load of clothes in the laundry, take the dog out and continue working from home.

4:15PM I pick up my son from extended-day school. The kids eat a snack, and then it’s time for reading and homework. Luckily both kids love school and work hard to make good grades. I always try helping with homework, but that third grade math is different from the way I learned it. I’m thankful my husband is a banker and gets math.

5:20PM We’re out the door to take my daughter to dance class, then I hurry across Denton to get to Highland Village for my son’s flag football practice. Go figure — there’s a bad wreck on Interstate 35. Don’t have a meltdown … remain positive.

6:30PM Finally arrive at my son’s practice. I chat with some other moms (I love to talk) and catch up on emails, texts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. It’s never-ending. 

8PM Finally home. Going to have to eat late tonight … Chick-fil-A to the rescue! The kids eat, finish their homework and head off to take showers.

9:30PM Our sweet kids are ready for bed. We tuck them in and give them kisses. Every night we get a “See you later, Alligator,” and we say, “After awhile, Crocodile.” Then we hear the sound of a big kiss from upstairs. Oh how lucky we are to have such sweet kids! 

10PM I am back on my computer typing a quick offer for a client. Thank goodness for electronic signatures.

10:30PM I take the clothes out of dryer and stack them on the guest bed … where they may stay for a week. Luckily I can close the guestroom door.

10:45PM I lie down in bed and try to catch up on a conversation with my husband. We start to watch one of our TV series, but it’s not too long before he’s out cold. I finish watching the show and then play on my iPhone a little longer.

12:45AM As I close my eyes, I’m thinking about how I’m going to manage my crazy day tomorrow and whether I returned all those texts, emails and calls … Can I squeeze in a pedicure tomorrow?