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A Wednesday in the Life of Bianca Gogos

Bianca Gogos is a stay-at-home mom and the hospitality coordinator for MOMS Club Flower Mound – Southwest. She’s been married for seven years to Nikitas T., an assistant vice president of data architecture at a large financial company, and the couple lives in Flower Mound with their two boys — Nikitas X., 3, and Liam, 3 months — and their Chihuahua, Corey.

6AM My sweet Liam wakes me up before the alarm, wanting to nurse, even though we have been up at least once through the night. My husband is now waking up as well and getting ready.

6:30AM My alarm goes off, so I get up to wake up my son Nikitas and get him dressed and ready for the day. He is such a snuggler, and once awake, he greets me with lots of hugs and kisses. It is really the best way to start the day.

6:50AM I let the dog out, have breakfast with Nikitas and then brush his teeth and put on his shoes.

7:10AM I make my husband a coffee and breakfast to take with him on the road then line up his computer bag, car keys, and my son’s backpack for their departure. My husband is wonderful to take our son to preschool in the morning.

7:15AM We say our goodbyes with lots of hugs and a few kisses, which makes my day. Then I am off to make myself a coffee, watch the news, check my emails and check Facebook for the day. I consult my calendar to see what is on my long list of to-do’s for today. Wednesday is our active day because I get my walking in and Nikitas has swim class.

7:45AM Time to get myself and Liam dressed and ready for the day. I also have to squeeze in a quick feeding right before we leave.

8:45AM Liam and I head to Grapevine Mills to go walking with a few friends I met through MOMS Club.

9AM I start power walking, and Liam takes a nap in his stroller. It is amazing how fast a few laps can go by when you are chatting with good friends.

10AM I visit a few of the stores in the mall to pick up a few things for my boys. It is nice not fighting the weekend crowds!

10:30AM We leave the mall to get big brother Nikitas from preschool.

10:45AM We pick up Nikitas and hear about his exciting day. He is typically fired up and super happy. I love to see that smile.

11AM We arrive at home. I nurse Liam, we eat some leftovers for lunch and then I let Nikitas play for a bit and take the dog out.

12PM I lay Nikitas down for his nap, clean up the kitchen, start the laundry, play with Liam (which includes some much-needed tummy time), pay bills and get a nap in for myself as well.

2:30PM Now comes the hard part: waking up Nikitas from his nap. He sleeps pretty hard, but once he is up we get a snack and get him dressed for swim class. I also nurse Liam one more time before class so I don’t have to do it during swim class.

3:40PM We head out the door in a rush to make it to AquaKids on time.

4PM Even though Liam and I are in the observation room with the other parents, I try to watch what they are teaching in hopes we can continue it once we can swim in our pool in the spring.

4:45PM Finally we are back home, and it’s tummy time with Liam again. I read to Nikitas at the same time. Nikitas loves to build with blocks, but his favorite thing is books.

5:30PM I nurse Liam (does this boy ever get full?) and turn on the news so I can see how my husband’s long commute home is. We joke that I am his “eye in the sky.”

6:15PM Time to start dinner. Liam gets to enjoy his swing, and Nikitas is climbing the walls, so I turn on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for him to watch. It’s his absolute favorite — and the only show he will sit and watch so I can get our meal ready.

6:30PM My husband arrives home from work (“Lucy, I’m home!”) and we catch up on each other’s days while he gets some time with the boys and I finish dinner.

7:05PM We sit down to enjoy our dinner as a family.

7:45PM I clean up the kitchen. Usually Nikitas is playing, but today he is keeping me company and being a big helper by bringing me his cup.

8PM My husband starts bath time with Nikitas and then I get him dressed for bed. We start a Baby Babble learning video for him while we give Liam a bath in the kitchen. He is still little enough to use the baby bathtub.

9PM Liam is dressed and ready for a bottle, and we all watch a Daniel Tiger episode together as a family while Nikitas and I both enjoy a small cup of milk together.

9:30PM Time to brush teeth and put Nikitas to bed; some days it is easier to get him to bed than others. The same goes for Liam — tonight he wants to nurse for a few minutes before going in his crib.

10PM I grab a quick shower (longing for the days of a nice long bath), get Nikitas’ school stuff ready for tomorrow and talk with my husband. Then we watch a show on our near-max-capacity DVR (and our dog of 10 years gets his snuggle time with the two of us).

10:45PM My husband takes the dog out, I get our room ready for bed, and off we go. Of course, with a new baby, I expect to be up 2–3 times during the night when Liam needs a diaper change or is hungry.