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A Wednesday in the Life of Amy Govea

Texas-born and Montana-raised, Amy Govea returned to Texas in 2002 and lived in the Amarillo area before moving to North Texas four years ago. She has been a social worker for 10 years and works as the social work manager for care transitions at a local hospital. She lives in Fort Worth with her husband Nick, a full-time athletic training student at Texas Wesleyan, and their 2-year-old daughter, Finley.

5AM Alarm goes off. I hurry to turn it off before Finley wakes up, so I can try to sneak out of bed to get my shower first. We are a bed-sharing family for reasons that have morphed over the course of Fin’s two years, but we remain one now mostly out of convenience.

5:06AM I finally roll out of bed. Unlike my sweet little one, I am not a morning person so it takes me a few minutes to start moving. But I manage to get out of bed without waking Fin, so the day starts off with a win!

5:20AM The light from the bathroom shines on Fin’s face and she pops up. “I get up, Momma.” I apologize to Nick since his morning is now starting earlier than expected, and Finley tells him to “Wake up, Daddy.” He laughs and we are all up.

5:22AM Nick gets in the shower and I take Fin to the kitchen. I pour her a cup of milk and she helps me with my coffee. She is a seasoned assistant with the Keurig, and we are perfectly in sync this morning. We dance to the funky sound of the machine and Fin laughs. Nothing in this world sounds as wonderful as her laughter in the morning.

5:30AM Fin and I watch Disney Junior for a few minutes before she runs to get a puzzle to do together. She is obsessed with puzzles right now and can do a 24-piece puzzle all by herself. This morning bonding time is very important to me because I get so little time with her during weekdays.

6:03AM Nick has finished getting ready, so he comes out to play with Fin while I put on my makeup and continue getting ready for the day.

6:32AM Nick and Fin scoot out the door after a family hug and kisses.

7:08AM After multiple outfit options, I finally feel comfortable enough to leave my house. I get the tunes all situated in my car and head to work.

7:20AM I call Nick from the car to find out how Fin’s drop-off went. Nick gives a good report this morning — he didn’t get the sad lip, and she was ready to play with her friends.

7:32AM My fast and furious day begins. Work, work, work, quick lunch break, work, work, work … I truly love my profession and feel blessed to have found a career that allows me to be an agent for change. There are significant challenges, and my problem-solving skills are often put to the test, but the people I have the pleasure of serving are worth every second of my time.

5:40PM Drive time. I unfortunately missed the window of traffic opportunity today, so I will be late picking up Finley. I hate to get there after 6pm because then she is usually the last kid and my mom guilt takes over. On the way, I stop and get Fin some apple slices and an ice water from Sonic because she loves the Sonic ice. (Let’s be real — doesn’t everyone?)

6:15PM Just as I suspected, Fin is the last one in her class. But she gets so excited to see me and is very talkative, so I assume she forgives me for being late.

6:20PM On the drive home she watches Beauty and the Beast. It is one of my favorite movies, so I don’t mind that it’s the millionth time I have heard “Gaston.” I go through Rosa’s drive-thru because I don’t have time to cook now.

6:45PM Dinnertime. Finley is a pretty picky eater, but she loves bean burritos so she eats well tonight.

7:15PM We do a speed bath tonight. Finley doesn’t mind — she loves the water, but she would rather have a few minutes to watch TV and do a puzzle before bed. Since I was late today, I keep her up past her usual bedtime to spend time with her.

7:45PM Nick comes in earlier than expected. Finley hears the kitchen door open and she takes off, yelling “DADDY!” the whole way. She tells him all sorts of stories, none of which we understand.

8PM We brush teeth and say goodnight to Daddy. Finley starts the night in her own bed before she is ready to come to the “big bed.” She asks, “You sing sunshine?” so I sing “You Are My Sunshine” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” a few times before she finally goes to sleep.

8:30PM Nick and I talk a little bit and watch some TV. He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just before Thanksgiving in 2015, so the last year was spent with surgery and radioactive iodine treatments. In the midst of all that, Nick remained a full-time student. I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is cancer-free right now, but he will have yearly blood work and imaging for the next 10 years to ensure that the cancer doesn’t come back. It makes me cherish each moment I have with him — even the ones that are difficult.

10PM Fin wakes up. Nick gets her from her room and lies down with her in our bed while I wash my face and brush my teeth. By the time I am ready to lie down, Fin has already fallen back asleep. I check Facebook and email on my phone for a little while, and Nick goes back out to the living room to work on homework. He will come to bed eventually. I know that a lot of people don’t like to bed-share, but I also know there will be a time when I am not cool enough for my sweet girl and she will no longer think my silly faces are funny or want me to sing her to sleep. For now, I will keep these moments fresh in my mind so that when they turn to memories, they will still feel like yesterday.