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A Wednesday in the Life of Allison Guffey

Allison Guffey works part time for a local OB/GYN and also stays home with her two boys, Connor, 6, and Asher, 3. She and her husband Matt, who works for CustomInk, have been married for seven years and reside in Denton

6:45AM My iPhone alarm goes off. I wake up to find that my 3-year-old, Asher, has snuck into our bed and is sleeping away. I hit the snooze button hoping for a few more minutes of rest, but I quickly hear the whispers of my 6-year-old, Connor, saying, “Mom, I’m hungry.”

6:50AM I glance over at Matt and gently nudge him that it’s time to get up. I’m feeling grateful that I have a husband who is willing to help. Asher is awake. I slide out of bed, jump in the shower, and begin to get ready.

7:15AM Matt is up preparing breakfast while I throw my scrubs on and slather on some makeup. Time is ticking away so I throw my hair into a mom bun.

7:30AM It’s madness in the kitchen. Both boys are running around with breakfast in hand. I sit down to eat mine, while Matt drinks his much-needed coffee.

7:40AM Connor and I grab our bags, kiss everyone goodbye and head out.

7:50AM I drop Connor off at school.

8AM I arrive at work. I’m thankful that I live so close! I open up the office, turn on my computer, and prepare for the patients that will walk in at any moment.

10AM I have been so busy with patients and calls that I realize I haven’t had any caffeine yet. I run to the back and brew some tea. I save the good stuff for later.

12:15PM I leave the office to head home.

12:25PM I arrive home to Matt making lunch. We eat and I kiss him goodbye (again). Having opposite schedules is tough, but we make it work.

1PM I crawl into Asher’s bed with him and read his favorite dinosaur book. He falls asleep and I quietly sneak out of his room.

1:30PM Laundry time. I’m soaking up the peace and quiet.

2:40PM I wake up Asher, and we head out the door to pick up Connor.

3PM I arrive home. Coffee time! I’ve been looking forward to this all day. The kids are full of energy, and I need a boost. I pour my iced coffee with chicory in a mason jar, throw a straw in and drink up.

3:15PM I gather snacks and drinks for the kids and we venture out to the park behind our house. While they play, I check my phone for texts and anything else I need to tend to.

4PM We walk home. I turn on the radio and light my favorite candle. I begin my cleaning routine while the boys sword fight (which turns into actual fighting). I check to make sure everyone is OK, and they’re back to sword fighting again. They’re resilient!

4:15PM Someone is crying. No more swords.

4:30PM In an effort to stay safe and sane, we snuggle up on the couch and watch a few videos on YouTube. If it’s not swords, it’s Minecraft everything.

5:20PM Time to prepare dinner (leftovers from lunch). We sit at the table, pray and eat. (Those who aren’t picky actually eat.) I get up a few more times for anything the kids need. I sit down, but I forgot my own drink, so I get up one more time. Finally I eat and talk to Connor about his day at school.

6PM We finish dinner. The boys put their dishes in the sink while I begin to clean everything up.

6:15PM Homework time. We sit at the table and I help Connor with math and writing. Asher smiles and does his “homework” of scribbling on paper. He wants to be just like his big brother.

6:30PM The phone rings. It’s Matt calling from work to check in. We attempt to talk over the kids and then say our goodbyes (again).

6:40PM I wrangle the boys into the bathroom. I run the bath for Asher and bathe him, and he plays. Connor decides he wants to take a shower instead. I’m cool with that.

7PM The boys are out, running around naked and yelling. I pick out their PJs, attempt to catch them and help them get dressed.

7:30PM I scramble around the house to finish up anything I missed earlier. Park time took priority over household tasks today. I make sure all the beds have clean sheets and lay Connor’s clothes out for school tomorrow. The boys are still running around pretending to be ninjas. (At least they’re clothed.)

8PM Time to settle down for the night (hopefully). Without Dad at home, the boys get to climb into my bed for stories and prayer.

8:30PM After much poking and giggling, the boys finally close their eyes and drift off to sleep. I’m stuck in the middle of both, wide awake. I crawl over Connor, pick up all 45 pounds of him and lay him in his bed. I go back for Asher and lay him in his bed, then jump back into mine.

8:40PM Beloved mom time! I read my Bible for a bit and dive into Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys. I need all the help I can get.

9:30PM I check my phone and text my girlfriends to see how their days went.

10:30PM Matt arrives home, and I talk to him about his day. I’ve missed him!

11:30PM I set my iPhone alarm. Gotta do it all over again tomorrow.