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A Tuesday in the life of Yvonne Hager

Yvonne is the lead colorist and co-owner of Lure Salon in the West Village. She lives in Lakewood with her husband Jason of nine years and their two girls, Mia, 8, and Valentina, 5, (baby No. 3 is due in May) and two dogs, Nico, a schnauzer/Shih Tzu mix, and Clara, an Italian greyhound/Chihuahua rescue.

5:30AM Alarm goes off. I have to work today. And though I'm tired and wish I could stay in bed, I know I will be glad I got up. I head to yoga at Life time Fitness. 
5:50AM Yay, I'm not late! I have a few minutes to do my favorite pose, Shavasana, before class starts. I love to start my day with yoga.
7AM I get home. Jason and Mia are ready and eating breakfast. I fix Mia's hair. Thankfully, I have learned a few styling tips from my talented team so it’s a breeze. It's Math Maniacs Day at Lakewood Elementary. It's an activity run by Fathers of Lakewood (FOL) and it's nice that Jason is involved. They are off to walk to school. Love that we are just two blocks away. 
7:15AM My sweet Valentina is still in bed fighting getting up. I go in and get her dressed while she is still in bed.
7:50AM Now it’s time to get Valentina to school. She is a kindergartner at Lakewood. For the first time, the girls are at the same school. Yay! Letting her sleep in has now made us late, so instead of walking, we drive.
8:05AM Lure Salon is about 10 minutes away from school, so it's a quick commute. I'm the first to arrive. I turn on the lights and music and start brewing our organic detox tea. I will need it soon. I take this time to do my hair and makeup, go through emails and plan my day.
8:45AM Get together with Laura, the assistant manager, and delegate things off my to-do list. With 20 plus employees now, I depend on her so much to make the salon run smoothly. 
9AM This morning starts off a little different than most Tuesdays. We have a special guest artist in from Los Angeles showing colorists the latest in balayage, a technique where color is hand-painted on the hair instead of using traditional foils or a cap. I’m excited to learn a new application and try it on my clients.
10AM My first client arrives. I have been doing color for 15 years, and this particular client had been with me almost the entire time. I am grateful for my life. I love catching up with clients and getting to be creative. 
11AM My next client is here. This client is new, referred from another long-time client. I love new clients; it's like making a new friend. 
12PM Check my emails briefly to make sure I stay on top of things. We have donated our time for a hair and makeup sign-up party for the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA (LECPTA) auction party. It's a Friday Night Fever theme, and we are doing ‘70s-style hair and makeup for 10 moms. It’s very exciting news that our 10 sign-up party spots are filled. We raised $750 for Lakewood. I finish my last client of the day. 
2:30PM I leave early today and head to Lakewood Elementary. I am the Girl Scout co-leader for the third year, and it's my job to bring snacks and drinks. I’m thankful that I picked them up yesterday. We have such a great troop meeting with our 11 sweet, smart girls. 
4PM Girl Scout meeting is a success. I walk away with gratitude for being able to share this with Mia. I think she enjoys me being one of the leaders. 
4:15PM Today is also my turn to host our LECPTA playgroup playdate. I thought I would take advantage of leaving Lure early and do both events today. Ha! Now I'm running like crazy getting the house, snacks and drinks ready for everyone. 
4:35PM Moms and kids start arriving. This playgroup has a great group of moms, and it's nice to be able to have some mommy time and talk. I’m grateful that I can be a working mom and get to be in this group too. 
6PM My husband arrives home. Mia has piano lessons, so he takes her since I'm still entertaining. 
6:30PM The playdate was a success. Moms and kids head home to get dinner ready.  
7PM Jason and Mia get back from piano lessons just as I'm finishing dinner. We try to get the girls to pitch in with chores. This week Mia sets the table and Valentina cleans up. Sunday School has reinforced prayer. Valentina does the honors, and we eat. 
8:45PM The girls are finally asleep after reading books and many requests to stay up just a little longer. 
9:45PM I get on the computer and print out the New York Fashion Week itinerary, hotel and flight info for a couple of my stylists going to the show tomorrow to work with Hot Tots, a child hair care line that was featured on Shark Tank. It's really exciting. Heidi Klum is hosting the event. I wish I could go, but I have to be in Miami at the same time.
10:30PM The Miami trip is booked, and I am caught up on my emails. Now I spend a little quality time with Jason. It's important to make time for each other too. 
11:15PM I quickly pack for my Miami trip, snuggle up with Jason and pray that the girls stay in bed. Mommy is tired!