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A Tuesday in the Life of Rachael Kissel

make each day something to celebrate like this mom

Rachael Kissel is the “R” in RK Weddings & Events, the boutique wedding and event planning company she co-owns. Originally from the East Coast, Kissel lives in McKinney with her husband Brett, along with daughter Sophie, 10, son Ryan, 8, and their dog Tex. When she’s not serving as an event planner extraordinaire, you may find Kissel cheering on her kids from sports field sidelines, trying new restaurants or collecting stamps in her passport. 

5:15AM Hubby’s alarm goes off. Sigh. Up comes our Pomeranian Tex into bed for “snuggle time.” 

5:45AM Brett kisses me on the cheek, leaves for work. 

6:30AM My alarm goes off. Snooze. I hear Ryan and Sophie shuffle through the kitchen trying to decide what’s for breakfast. I hit snooze again

6:45AM The Keurig warms up—one of my favorite sounds. Sweet Sophie makes me coffee every morning. 

6:55AM One last snuggle with Tex while I check emails. With clients all over the world, emails come in all day… and night. Time to get up.

7:01AM Sophie hands me my coffee. Ryan tells me I have morning breath, and I remind him that he does, too. We laugh.

7:03AM The kids are already fighting—something about whose turn it is to let the dog out. Sophie loses and lets Tex outside.

7:06AM I pack the kids’ lunches. Ryan has the same thing every dayPB&J, frozen yogurt and applesauce. 

7:15AM I run Ryan through his morning checklist. He always forgets to pack a snack so he runs back into the pantry. He notices his Halloween candy stash is low and asks me if I know anything about it. 

7:20AM In my PJs, bedhead and with coffee—we are on the way to school. Sophie has Morning News to prep for and Ryan is in the Running Club.

7:23AM We get to school, both kids hop out and scream “Bye Mom!” I give a wave to the crossing guard as I leave for home.

7:26AM Time for a fresh cup of coffee before heading into my home office.

7:55AM After urgent emails, I text Brett “Good Morning!” for our daily Bitmoji exchangemine was me with a huge cup of coffee

8:30AM My first conference call starts—our corporate client decided to go to Greece for their annual trip. I’m tasked to plan a 5-day trip to the Greek Islands for 120 guests. No problem.

9:30AM Working on an event budget that was due yesterdayI post on our Instagram some wedding pics from my fav photographer. 

10:00AM Usually, Karen (my business partner) has her first cup of coffee by now, so it’s a good time to call—she is NOT a morning person. We chat through a few of our weddings and events, then to when we are dress shopping for the charity gala we are attending. 

10:37AM The phone rings—it’s a client. She wants me to find a “priceless experience” for her client event in Dallas. Time to research. 

12:10PM Still in my PJs, I never ate breakfast and now its lunch. I make myself a quick snack and sneak more of Ryan’s Halloween candy (shhh!).

1:15PM Time to run to the downtown office (after changing!) and drop off some champagneIt’s a MUST when we bring clients into the office! I hop in my car and—as usual—I have very little gas. Why Amazon doesn’t have a service that brings gas to your house yet?

1:45PM I arrive at the office and find Karen. We decide to run around the corner for coffee—this place puts our logo on the foam of our lattes. So cool! We scour Pinterest for inspiration pics with a cozy winter theme for our new bride. 

2:36PM I have to pick up the kiddos. I give K a hug and jet to my car. Off to school while taking a few inquiry calls (with wireless headphones, of course!)

3:02PM Kids come running out, hop in the car and immediately fight for talk time and attention. 

3:06PM We are home—Tex is happy. Sophie runs to her roombook in handand Ryan runs outside with his soccer ball. I think about dinner plans before my phone rings. I’m on a call with a corporate client planning their National Sales Meeting.

3:30PM Karen calls me to tell me our company just won “Best of” on The Knot and Wedding Wire! 

4:45PM The kids come into the office, bored. I send them outside to practice their pitching together while I answer more emails and finish that budget I’ve neglected

5:20PM Brett walks through the door, sneaks a kiss and sits on the floor to greet Tex. The kids jump all over him and I ask him if he’s ready for a glass of wine.

5:26PM Dinner plans. Right… Leftovers? Food delivery? A restaurant? Food delivery wins—we order from our favorite Chinese restaurant. 

6:05PM Our food arrives. We gather around the table, start grabbing takeout containers and talk about our days—my favorite part of the day. 

6:07PM Tex starts barking at his bowlI get up and get him his food. 

7:00PM Showers down, teeth brushed—kids are in their rooms for quiet time.

7:30PM Quick call. One of my brides has a long to-do list but we are well ahead of schedule!

8:00PM Ryan and I read the same Dogman book again and then it’s lights out. Brett finishes up with Sophie. We meet in the hallway and high five.

8:05PM I head back into my office, tweak our website and check social media.

9:55PM I shut my computer down, head into bed and watch the latest episode of Family Guy with Brett. He starts snoring within 10 minutes. Time for 90 Day Fiancédon’t judge!

10:35PM I feel my eyes closing. I turn the TV off and rest up for tomorrow. 

Fast Facts

Best vacation: Costa Rica without the kiddos
Favorite indulgence: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Favorite movie: Bridesmaids
Favorite date night spot: Legacy West in Plano
Beverage of choice:Deep Eddy Ruby Red with Sprite and a lime
Beauty product you can’t live without: Aveda’s Hand Relief
Biggest pet peeve: When people don’t know how to behave properly at a 4way stop.
What you do when life gets stressful: I hide in my pantry and eat dark chocolate.
Celebrity mom you admire: Reese Witherspoon
Dream job as a kid:Actress and fashion designer
Self-care spot in DFW: Pavitra Organic Day Spa in McKinney
Favorite cheap meal to feed the kids: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
How did you and your partner meet? Match.com
Why you chose where you live: We loved McKinney’s downtown area and familyfocused neighborhoods 
Habit you can’t quit: My juice bar obsession
If you had to change careers, you’d be a: Florist, hands down 

Image courtesy of Alisa Albers of Clara Bella Photography.