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A Tuesday in the life of Pamela Velez

Pamela creates junior denim fashions as a designer for JCPenney, a company she’s been with for 11 years. She lives in Little Elm with her husband Luis, who owns a mobile auto glass installation business, and their two kids Luis, 7, and Vivian, 5. When she’s not working in the office or at home, she dabbles in photography. 

5AM Alarm goes off, but I always snooze until 5:30 unless I have an 8:30 meeting. I get up and get dressed before I do anything else. This is my one hour of quiet time.
6:30AM Wake the kids. My son always wakes up without a problem. My daughter, on the other hand, takes a good 10 minutes to get going. I sit and talk to her until she gets out of bed. I would love to say that I lay out all of our clothes the night before, but being a creative person, I might change my mind a couple times, so we figure out outfits each morning. Plus, my kids now have opinions when it comes to fashion. Gone are the days when Mommy made all the clothing decisions.
7AM Kids are downstairs and my husband is starting breakfast. Usually breakfast consists of an egg and ham or an egg and sausage wrapped in a tortilla or on a piece of toast. My husband calls this specialty of his a ratatouille sandwich. My daughter usually asks for a Nutella sandwhich on the side. I nibble on whatever is left in the pan. While the kids eat, I multitask. I comb my daughter’s hair, make coffee, get the backpacks ready and clean up the kitchen.
7:20AM The second alarm goes off telling us to get in the car. The kids brush their teeth, and then load up in the car. I would love to say this process is seamless, but it is probably the craziest part of our morning. Between getting the kids out the door and setting up our two dogs Bella and Marley for the day, there is a lot of tripping over each other. And inevitably, there are trips back into the house for a forgotten snack or blanket. Daddy drives the kids to school.
7:40AM I am usually off to work at this point, but I stop to make a deposit at the bank for my husband’s small business. Then I stop at Starbucks for my second cup of coffee.
8:30AM Get to work and fire up the computer to work on emails. Check the calendar for the day and week ahead. Then I am off to meetings, which are usually back-to-back all morning. After that, if by some small miracle a meeting is canceled, I spend some time online doing research. I follow lots of fashion blogs, check fashion runway websites, and catch up on pop culture. I have to stay relevant when it comes to my job.
12PM While there is an on-site cafeteria, I typically go out to lunch. Getting out of the office is always nice, and I squeeze in an eyebrow threading.
1:15PM I’m back to work, and I have an afternoon filled with cross-functional team meetings, fit sessions and design brainstorm sessions.
5:30PM I leave work to begin my 40-minute commute home. I pick up the kids on the way home at the Boys & Girls Club.
6:35PM We get home, and I hit the ground running. I start dinner. Then Daddy gets home. While I cook, Daddy and kids go outside and take the dogs for a run around the greenbelt that backs up to our house. I wish this would prevent my kids from snacking before dinner, but they are hungry and that is what the string cheese and pretzels are for anyway. Did I mention that I am a multitasking queen? While cooking, I throw in a load of laundry, sweep the floor and take a duster to the living area.
7:15PM Dinner is ready. I love to cook! Over the years I’ve taught myself to cook several traditional Mexican dishes that get us through the week. They are practical and tasty which is a good combination.
7:30PM We eat as a family and discuss our day, but I do keep the TV on in the background.
8PM The kitchen is cleaned up, and the kids are decompressing. My son is playing with toy cars and trains in the living room; my daughter in watching a children’s movie on the iPad.
8:30PM The kids take a bath, and I get them ready for bed.
9PM Bath time always seems to give my kids their second wind. They run around the house screaming while my husband chases them acting like a monster.
9:30PM It’s finally story time. I read each of my kids a book of their choosing, and then it’s lights out. Daddy crawls into bed with us, and all four of us cuddle together in the kid’s bed until they fall asleep.
10PM Now I have some time with my husband. He sketches and I watch whatever I have recorded on the DVR.
11:30PM I turn in for the night. I attempt to read a little, but I don’t even finish the chapter before I pass out.