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A Tuesday in the Life of Melissa Titus

When she’s not changing diapers or reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, teacher-turned-stay-at-home mom Melissa Titus enjoys freelance writing, baking and the rare chance to drink her coffee while it’s still hot. She lives in Arlington with her husband, Chris, who works from home for Blue Cross Blue Shield, and their 9-month-old twins, Liam and Clara.

4AM Our son is up and hungry. I walk like a zombie to the kitchen to make his bottle. My husband, Chris, has already prepped bottles. I feed and change our son then try to go back to bed for a few more hours. Our daughter is our good sleeper; she doesn’t wake up until after 5.

5:30AM Both twins are up and do not go back to sleep at this point. While I’m still in bed, Chris takes them into his office and plays with them until he needs to get ready for work. He starts the coffee and makes our breakfast smoothies with vanilla protein, spinach, berries, banana and almond milk. He also prepares something for the slow cooker for dinner — we love to make things like pot roast, stews and lasagna. We usually have leftovers, which means we don’t have to try to cook every night with two babies demanding our attention.

7AM Time for me to wake up. I pick up our daughter and “fly” her up and down. She gives me her sweet “Good morning” smile. I feed both babies, then they take their morning nap.

8AM I’ve had several cups of coffee now. Chris heads to his office on the other side of the house to begin working. I take advantage of both babies sleeping by gulping down my protein shake, folding laundry and working on the articles I have due. I read a little from a devotional called Fast Talk & Faith by Mary Carver.

9AM Both babies wake up. I give them a pouch of fruit and veggies mixed with a little of their formula. After eating, our son needs a full bath. While his sister plays in the Pack ’N Play in our bedroom where I can keep an eye on her, I give our son a bath, then change his sister. Then it’s time for “school.” We read books and sing songs, and they play in their Jumperoos.

11AM I grab a few chocolate-covered almonds to snack on and have my last cup of coffee for the day. Yes, I still need my coffee mid-day.

1PM It’s time for a bottle, lunch and another nap. Our daughter decides she is not feeling the nap, so I pick her up and walk her around until she falls asleep. Now is my chance to brush my teeth and freshen up. Chris takes his lunch from 1–2pm, so after freshening up, I heat up leftovers. We get a few minutes to eat together before he needs to go back to work.

2PM The twins wake up from their nap. Time for more play. First we read some books. They love the colorful illustrations in Eric Carle books; their current favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Then the twins crawl around and play. It’s fun to hear them babble at each other and play with one another. Today they are nice, but sometimes they get curious and start grabbing each other’s hair or ears and I need to intervene.

5PM Both twins get another bottle and puree. Our daughter takes longer to eat. It’s more challenging for her to push the food to the back of her mouth because of her cleft palate, but she loves trying new foods and is growing well. Her palate will be repaired around 12 months. She takes another quick nap after eating. Sometimes our son joins her, but today he refuses. I think he likes getting one-on-one time with me by staying up. I enjoy snuggle time with him before his sister wakes up. I try to take advantage of the rare one-on-one time I get with each of them. When our daughter wakes up I start getting them ready for their baths.

6:30PM My husband gets off work and helps me bathe the twins. They both love bathtime! Liam has a rubber duck he drops in the water and likes to chew. Clara likes to splash around. We play a game with them by grabbing a handful of foam letters to put in the tub. We look at each one to see what they got, then the twins get to drop the letters in the water — they love dropping (or chewing on) the letters. After bathtime, we feed them and hold them until they fall asleep before transferring them to their cribs. Now it’s Mommy and Daddy time. 

7:30PM We have started the 21 Day Fix workouts. There are nights the twins wake up and we don’t finish the workout, but we’ve been trying to do as much as we can. We have a quick dinner together after our workout. I take a bath after dinner, and then we watch something on DVR but as usual, we fall asleep while watching.

10PM Bedtime for Mommy and Daddy. I check the monitor to make sure the twins are both asleep before I drift off.

2AM Our daughter sleeps most of the night, but she’s up now. We take shifts — I get up first, then Chris gets up the rest of the morning. I’m so glad he has Wednesdays off.