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A Tuesday in the life of Mary Cantwell

The Dallas sleep consultant and founder of Rest to Your Nest keeps up with other families' schedules, and her own.

Mary Cantwell is a certified child sleep consultant and founder of Rest to Your Nest, an award-winning sleep consultancy, located in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. She and her husband, Matt, an enterprise account executive with Duo Security, live in East Dallas’ University Meadows neighborhood with their two kids—8-year-old Weston and 4-year-old Harper—and their silver Labrador, Chima.

5:50AM Hit the snooze button …

6:05AM OK, now it’s really time to wake up. It is so warm and cozy in my bed that I have to psych myself up to putting my feet on the floor to start the day. I head to the kitchen to start the coffee (how do you adult without it?) and feed the dog. While prepping the kids’ lunches for school, I turn on the television to check the day’s weather. Though it’s raining out now, that doesn’t mean too much. It’s Texas y’all—we can have sweater weather and a heat wave all before lunchtime!

6:25AM Check my clients’ sleep logs to evaluate how the night went for the families that I am currently supporting in their sleep journeys. I make some notes for guidance on morning nap times so that we can keep the kiddos well rested throughout the day.

6:35AM I hear my son stirring in his room and, a few minutes later, he comes running over for good morning hugs and to watch the weather report on the news. This kid is fascinated by anything weather-related … wind, thunderstorms, snow, tornadoes. The forecast predicts more rain coming our way, and Weston asks me if I think there are any tornado possibilities.

6:45AM Alarm buzzes to tell my daughter it’s time to get up. She is not a morning person, so I always give her a few minutes to wake herself up. My husband, Matt, is in town (he travels a lot for work) and is getting ready for the day.

7AM The kids are getting hangry. Matt and I fix them bowls of cereal and cheesy eggs, plus a protein shake for us.

7:20AM Weston is back in his room, getting ready for school while I “help” Harper get dressed. She is slow as molasses with putting on her clothes, but she does it all by herself. (Yay!)

7:40AM Leave to drop off Weston at school. Matt is able to bring Harper to her school this morning, so we enjoy some one-on-one time during the drive. Weston shares updates on his friends, what’s going on at school and how his baseball team is ranking this season.

8AM I swing by Rusty Taco to pick up breakfast tacos and coffee for a sleep chat that I am conducting in Addison this morning. Yum, tacos for breakfast!

9AM Dive into work. After briefly checking my messages, I step into my morning meeting with a family seeking guidance for their third child. We talk about their sleep goals, common sleep transitions, and the physical and mental benefits that sleep provides to not just the child but to the family’s overall well-being.

11AM Check email and sleep logs to provide afternoon nap guidance and troubleshoot any challenges for my clients. I fix myself a quick sandwich before I head out for an in-home consult with a new family.

12PM Meet the new family for their sleep consultation. We chat about sleep goals, and I walk the parents through methods that can work for their family. As we wrap up our meeting, I make sure I’ve answered any questions they have. I am excited for the journey that they are about to go on!

2:10PM Back home to put finishing touches on a sleep chat and make a couple of support calls to families.

3:15PM Head out for school pickup. I get Weston first and then swing by Harper’s school for my little girl.

4PM Home again. Weston works on his homework while Harper watches an episode of Vampirina.

4:45PM Start pulling together some semblance of dinner that we can eat quickly before heading to Weston’s baseball practice. I start making tacos and laugh, remembering that this is the second time I’ll eat them today. It really is Taco Tuesday!

5:40PM Drop off Weston at baseball practice and then head home to hang with my husband and daughter. It is pretty outside, so we go on the swing in the front yard.

7PM Matt heads out to pick up Weston from practice while I start Harper’s bedtime routine. I fix her a bath and hang out with her a bit while she plays with her toys. She gets dressed in her pajamas and then picks out three books for us to read in bed: Pinkalicious, Pocahontas and Fancy Nancy. Next, we say prayers and share what we’re grateful for today.

7:30PM I whisper, “Sweet dreams” as I slip out of her room, and it’s lights out for Harper. Weston is back from practice. He eats a yogurt before heading off to take a shower and get ready for bed.

8:10PM Matt and I can finally sit down and catch up with each other. It’s nice just to sit on the couch, chat and watch our favorite shows together. We watch The Handmaid’s Tale before switching over to the much more lighthearted The Big Bang Theory.

10:15PM Wash my face and lights out for the Cantwell household. Cheers to sleep!