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A Tuesday in the Life of Lauren Gibson

Lauren is a former high school Spanish teacher and is currently a rookie stay-at-home mom. Her husband, Joshua, works for Capital One, and they live in Plano with their son, Jake, 4, and daughter Catherine, 2. She enjoys working part time as a tutor and curriculum writer, keeping up with (though not always practicing) style trends, home remodeling, travel, exercise and family time.

5:10AM My alarm goes off, and I throw on the workout clothes I set out the night before.

5:30AM I meet up with over a dozen other crazy people in a parking lot for Camp Gladiator. I started CG in March and got really into these killer boot camp–style workouts. Some days I take my kiddos to a late morning or afternoon camp, but the early mornings are a great time for me to focus on myself.

6:45AM I make it home at the exact time the coffee maker stops brewing. We’re talking Mr. Coffee and Folgers here. Nothing crazy, but coming home to a quiet house that smells of coffee while rocking an endorphin high—that’s next level stuff.

7AM My husband, Josh, and our two kids (Jake, 4, and Catherine, 2) wake up, and I get the breakfast train rolling. Breakfast is usually a three- to five-course delight. Today it starts with smoothies, then we move on to “pancake sandwiches” (peanut butter and jelly with Eggo waffles as the bread) and scrambled eggs.

7:30AM “Mommy can we make banana bread!?” After being a teacher for the past 12 years and wildly dashing out the door early every morning, it makes my heart skip a beat to be able to say, “Yes let’s do it.” We kiss Josh goodbye, whip up some banana bread and get dressed while it bakes.

8:45AM We eat said banana bread on the front porch (THE CRUMBS).

9AM Tuesdays are library day. When I didn’t return to the classroom this fall, some panic started to creep in. What are we going to do all week? Multiple friends advised me to get on a schedule. The teacher inside me said “duh.” It took a few months, but we’re starting to fall into a good rhythm. Every Tuesday we walk to our neighborhood library and spend the morning there for story time followed by a play and learn group. We check out four books for the week and walk home.

11:15AM It’s an 85-degree November day so we spread out a blanket in the backyard and the kids play while I make lunch (grilled cheese, hummus and chips, yogurt, strawberries). We eat outside avoiding a deluge of THE CRUMBS inside. Crumbs are the worst.

12PM Everyone is upstairs for a nap. I throw a pork loin in the Crock-Pot, pick up downstairs, change my clothes and touch up my makeup.

2PM My mom (Mimi) comes over to watch the kids while I go to Dallas for a tutoring job I’m doing at one of the private schools. I do this twice a week and am really enjoying working with a fun group of fourth graders (and also breaking out my teacher clothes).

5PM Tutoring is done. It’s time to make the hour-commute home. It’s not ideal, but podcasts to the rescue! Today I listen to a “Fresh Air” interview of Anthony Bourdain.

6PM I finally make it home from tutoring. Josh has the kids going with their dinner. Bless him. I pull the pork and heat up some tortillas and throw together a chopped salad. Dinner is served!

6:45PM Josh runs the shower and jammies show while I clean up the kitchen.

7:15PM We each read a book to the kids and then comes a new component to the bedtime routine: The Break Dance Battle. Jake is very into break dancing, so of course little sister is too. Somehow it turned into the two kids having a three-round break dance battle with my husband as the beat box every night before bed.We vote on a champion. We exchange hugs and kisses goodnight, and the kids are out for the next 11½ hours.

7:30PM Josh and I pour a glass of wine and watch a recorded Saturday Night Live.

9PM It was hard to stay awake, but I made it out of the eight o’clock hour so now I can officially go to bed.