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A Tuesday in the Life of Kelly Foreman

Kelly Foreman is the founder and CEO of MopTop, a hair-care line for unruly hair. She lives in Southlake with her husband, who works in medical device sales, and their three daughters, ages 16, 13 and 10. 

5AM Rise and shine! I’m a morning person by nature. I love the quiet and the giddy feeling of a fresh start and new day. It’s also when I do my best thinking. Waking up each morning is something I actually look forward to.

5:15AM Jump-start the day with my first cup of coffee using my own “bullet-proof blend.” I settle in for Bible study and get myself grounded for the day. Today, I’m studying Moses. The lesson: God can use anyone, and uses our weaknesses to His glory.

6AM Today is Tuesday, so I jump on the treadmill for my daily 30−45 minutes. I run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I love to listen to podcasts as I run. They are a great way to learn, and listen to books I otherwise wouldn’t have time to enjoy. Mondays and Wednesdays, I alternate running with hot yoga.

6:30AM My husband and I tag-team to wake my three girls (and then wake them again). Eggs and toast for breakfast. Lunches for school. Check backpacks. We slowly start herding them toward the door.

7:15AM Round one of bus pick-up.

7:30AM Round two of bus pick-up and then drive the oldest child to school.

8:15AM Return home to make my daily, extra large — and very unusually chunky — smoothie. Ingredients: organic baby carrots, organic frozen strawberries, raw rice protein, water, ginger, kale and ice, then garnished with chia seeds, peanuts, and Craisins. Due to the unruly texture of these smoothies, my husband affectionately refers to the appearance of these delicious concoctions as baby vomit.

8:20AM School calls. A homework assignment was left on the dining room table the night before, so I stop mid-processor pulse to leap back in the car and race it back to school.

8:45AM Back home to finish making smoothie, quick shower, twist and clip hair, and make-up. No client meetings today, so cute top and jeans will do.

9:45AM Plug in to my “virtual office” for the day and head to the office. Thank goodness for cell phones, headsets and a woman’s innate ability to multi-task. I am always on the phone, but refrain from texting and driving. First up, make sure someone is stopping at Starbucks for the office coffee run. Grande flat white with coconut milk … yes, please!

10AM Marketing meeting to discuss re-launch of our new website, new blog and vlog hits, and strategies for increasing our social media presence. We get exciting news that one of our major clients is pushing out the boat and running a big ad in their store flyer all month. Morale is great! We get more exciting news that a huge order from a new retailer has come in, and we need to build product pallets. All hands on deck. Morale dips momentarily because the warehouse is humid, and everyone’s been having a good hair day up until that moment. But it recovers quickly when “Uptown Funk” is blasted – the millennial version of whistling while you work.

11AM Smoothie break as I catch up on messages, check items off my to-do list for our upcoming media tour, and proof labels for a new product launch.

11:30AM Join in the pallet build and subsequent inventory process.

2PM Sweaty and dirty from pallet build, so what better time to reconfigure our shelving units to create more inventory space? Tools are my weakness, so any excuse to wield an Allen wrench.

3PM Today is my carpool day. Head out for school pick-up, and return a few calls before hitting the first school zone. Remove headset, and focus on the girls. Every child has a different schedule, different school, and different start and end times, plus after-school activities, so carpooling and being organized is essential. Sometimes it feels like controlled chaos, but it has also helped us learn to be more flexible with each other.

4:15PM Commencement of homework and dinner prep. I try to plan meals on the weekends. Crockpot meals and casseroles I make and then freeze feature heavily in the rotation. Fish tacos are on the menu tonight. If it were Wednesday, we would go to our church for dinner, fellowship and Bible study. Church and family are sacred to me, and this blends the two beautifully as part of the family routine.

6PM Fish tacos are served, and everyone is at the table. We share our funniest and not-so-great moments from our respective days and have a few good laughs before clattering dishes back into the dishwasher, and heading to our last destination of the day, dance class.

8:30PM Walk the dog, Delmar (named for a character in my favorite movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou?), tidy the house and do laundry.

9PM I make the good-night hug-and-kiss rounds, which serves the dual purpose of collecting all cell phones. I take these downstairs every night to re-charge and ensure everyone has some breathing space, untethered from their electronics. Ensure all homework is done, and none is lying on the dining room table, and put the final load into the dryer. Final email check-in, then I also unplug, and my cell joins the ranks with the others.

9:30PM Early to rise, so naturally early to bed.

Published October 2015