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A Tuesday in the Life of Kelli Kruis

Kelli Kruis and her husband Jason live in Benbrook with their four children: Claire, 5, Grace, 3, Hannah, 2, and Luke, 1. Kelli is a stay-at-home mom and Jason is church administrator at Calvary Bible Church in Fort Worth.

5:30AM I love getting up in the morning; this is the most relaxing part of my day. All my kids are still sleeping, and I have plenty of time to shower, eat breakfast, do my morning devotionals and even clean a little.

6:30AM I say good morning to my husband, who has been doing his Bible reading in our living room, and head to the kitchen. I put dishes away and organize my counters, while I wait for my tea kettle to whistle. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but I can’t go without my black tea. I love drinking my tea while doing my morning devotionals and Bible reading.

7:30AM My husband comes into the kitchen, and we chat for a bit, discuss the kids, pray, and off he goes to work. He’s the church administrator at the church we attend.

8AM I’m a very organized person who thrives off routine, so I gear myself up to begin what can feel like a fast-paced dance until Daddy comes home. I need to be this organized to handle my four little blessings that I had all in five years. My oldest three girls share a room, and when I enter, they have already been up for a while. They usually play, giggle, sing, climb, fight, wet their hair and play in their closet while they wait for me. I get them all dressed and then do their hair. My 3-year-old, Grace, always reminds me she likes her ponytail “tight and low.”

8:30AM I grab a bottle, and the girls follow me into their baby brother’s room. Luke, who is 1, is usually standing in his crib ready for all of us girls to lavish him with love. His sisters kiss, hug and pet him while I try to get him ready. I give him his bottle and then we head to the kitchen, so I can get breakfast for the girls.

9AM With Luke strapped into his highchair, I quickly make breakfast and then sit down with my girls. While they eat, I do our morning devotions, which is usually an AWANA Cubbie lesson or a kids’ Bible story.

9:30AM I put on some loud kid music and let the kids play, while I quickly pick up the kitchen and throw in a load of laundry. Then it’s time for our morning craft. I’m a homeschool mom, but since my oldest is 5 I get to do lots of fun preschool stuff. We learn the letter “W” today, and we do a watermelon craft I looked up this morning on Pinterest. Glue gets everywhere, but it’s totally worth it to see my 2- and 3-year-olds smiling and proudly holding up their watermelons.

10:30AM Snack time. While the kids snack, I quickly do a chore and check my email.

11AM This is the part of day where things get easier. Praise the Lord for naptime. I put Hannah and baby Luke down for their naps. The house gets very quiet, and I switch my brain to teacher mode. It’s a reading lesson today for Claire, and we work on our phonograms. I get to enjoy listening to her sound out words and read to me. Grace sits with us for the first 15 minutes and then runs off to her little fort she builds every day by our couch. When it’s a math day, Grace always stays and participates.

12:30PM I clean up school and head to the kitchen to get lunch ready. As I prep the four plates, my older girls beg me to let them have the one princess plate we own. I really need to get some more princess plates. While the older two start lunch, I get the younger two who are usually calling me from their rooms by this time.

12:45PM We’re all eating at the table together, and I can’t help looking around the table and knowing how blessed I am. I love this crazy life and all of its busyness. Luke gets food everywhere, but he is just so cute I don’t mind the extra clean up.

1PM The girls are off and playing, and I clean up the lunch mess and quickly sweep the floor.

1:15PM I decide to take the kids to the park, load up the babies in the stroller and walk to the park that is four houses down from us. The girls run and play, and I push baby Luke in the baby swing.
2PM We head home, and now it’s time for Grace to go down for her nap and Claire goes down for her quiet time. This is the part of my day where I play and read to my 1- and 2-year-olds. I love this time of peek-a-boo, patty cake and board books.

3PM Claire finishes her quiet time, and I put Luke down for his second nap of the day. This is the time where I get to read with my sweet 5-year-old. We’re reading Heidi together, and I think the last time I read that story it was with my own mother when I was a little girl. I relish this time with my oldest. She snuggles in and asks me a ton of questions about each page I read. My 2-year-old sits for a few minutes and then runs off to play with her dolls.

4PM Claire and I pick up the house and put things away before I start dinner. Claire plays with Hannah, and they both set the table while I make dinner.

4:30PM Luke gets up, and I grab him quickly and put him in his highchair with Cheerios, so I can get back to cooking dinner.

5PM Grace starts to call from her room, and I go in and snuggle her for a bit before she comes out of her room.

5:30PM Daddy comes home, and the girls go wild. They run out to jump on him, and hang on him until he comes to the dinner table. We eat dinner together, and then Daddy reads from the Bible and we sing a praise song as a family.

6:30PM While I clean up the kitchen, I love listening to the noises of my home. The girls are laughing and squealing loudly as they play with their daddy. Little Luke even crawls over to wrestle and growls excitedly as he plays the “lion game” with his sisters and dad.

7:15PM Daddy is all played out by this point, and I start the bedtime routine. With Daddy’s help everything is much faster and easier. It doesn’t take much time to get everyone in pajamas with their teeth brushed.

7:30PM Daddy gives Luke his bottle while I read a Bible story to the girls. After story time, we tuck our sweet girls into bed. Daddy says a prayer, and then it’s lights out. Since all three girls share a room, I can hear them chatting about their day after I’ve closed the door. It’s so fun to hear all their little voices chattering away.

7:50PM I sing and rock my baby boy in my arms before putting him into his crib. I steal a few more kisses on his chubby cheeks, and then he is off to bed.

8PM My day is done. I get into my PJs, make myself some hot tea and really sit down for the first time all day.

8:30PM I debrief the day with my husband and we laugh (sometimes I cry) about all the crazy things the kids said and did. Then we put on a movie and relax.

10PM We head to bed, and we both hit the pillow hard. Having four kids can really zap all your energy, but what a fun adventure it is. I think I’m ready for number five!

Published June 2015