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A Tuesday in the Life of Diana Evans

Diana Evans lives in Richardson with her husband Justin, her children, Ivery, 3, and Eleanor, 1, and her two goldendoodles, Gibson and Sophie. Diana and Justin are high school teachers and owners of The Collected Eclectic Home, an online store selling vintage furniture.

6AM I wake up after hitting snooze three times and trying to shake, beg and plea for Justin to wake up so that we aren’t late. We teach at the same school, but his hours are 8:30am–4:30pm, whereas mine are 7:30am–3:30pm. We carpool to save time and money and to discuss plans for our store. I check messages via text, Facebook, email and Instagram and pry the dog off my lap. She sleeps with her entire 60-pound dog body on top of my legs. She isn’t cooperative, and keeps lying there. I groggily lift her dead weight to the side of my legs.

6:15AM I sneak into Ivery’s room to get Mr. Gibson, our 80-pound goldendoodle that sleeps in her bed each night. He isn’t easy to motivate either. He has a super laid-back personality.

6:17AM Quick “get ready.” Whatever clothes I can find in our home will work just fine today (OK, most days). We just moved into a ’60s ranch-style home with a closet one-quarter the size of our suburban home. I love old homes, but the closets …

6:20AM I attempt to dress myself decently without a mirror. (I’m having total mirror-choosing paralysis and cannot seem to choose one for our master bathroom.) Luckily, we just found one on an online garage sale.

6:30AM I make bottles for Eleanor (and search frantically for a permanent marker, as I lost the name bubble stickers in the move too). I take some vitamins, down a super-greens shot, and find a bottle of water for the day. (I’m totally addicted to Whole Foods Italian sparkling, which is my daily splurge.) I start loads of laundry and clean up around the house.

6:40AM Justin is in charge of wild child, 3-year-old Ivery. (His theory is that she and I are too much alike and butt heads.) It takes me four times the time it takes Justin to get her to complete tasks she’d rather not do, like getting up and getting dressed. Who knew it started this early? I mean she’s 3, not 15, right?

6:45AM I head to Parker-Chase, the best preschool in Plano. It’s the reason we started our furniture refinishing business in the first place, to be able to afford to put our two girls in Parker-Chase. We attempt to discuss upcoming client pieces and potential inventory; however, meetings shortly upon awaking or directly after work usually aren’t the most productive. Mostly, we just ride in silence to the background music of Ivery singing songs, pointing out car colors and pointing out every Braum’s (“ice cream”) and Chipotle (“Ivery tacos”).

7:15AM Ivery runs into her teacher Kaylan’s arms and can usually be found by her side when I drop in unexpectedly; those two are the perfect match. (I joke with Justin later that if anything ever happens to me, he needs to find a person equally good with Ivery.) Eleanor holds on tight to my shoulder as we go to the infant room and reaches out for her teacher, Ms. Sue, once she sees her. She is enamored with Sue and the suggestion of breakfast; she doesn’t look back my way. My heart is full and happy seeing my girls thrive in their school, especially after some past day cares left us more anxious than a mom should ever be when leaving her child to go to a full-time job.

7:20AM I continue to answer all messages, do new posts and look for inventory for the CEH as Justin drives.

7:30AM We arrive at our high school to teach both juniors and seniors. I try to be proactive and plan lessons with more variety. I make copies, answer emails, set up for the lesson that day and make sure the Google calendar for my classes is up-to-date. I teach the new home ec, which is now called Family and Consumer Sciences. My courses are child development, interior design and nutrition. I feel blessed to work in areas that I love and would continue to learn about even if I didn’t teach them.

12:42PM Lunch! I recently stopped pumping for my baby, so I am not strapped to my desk anymore. But the habit is set, so I don’t usually leave my desk. I catch up on grading, emails, planning for school and plugging back in the student laptops.

3:30PM I head over to preschool to get my girls. They’re both happy to see me but also seem equally happy to stay and play. I visit with their sweet and talented teachers. The stories are usually the same: Eleanor was cuddly and playful. Ivery was free-spirited and loved the hands-on art activities. They send us pictures by email, which are always such a fun surprise.

3:45PM I drive back to school to wait for my husband to get out. The girls didn’t do well for a while sitting parked in the car for this long but have adapted. I use this little chunk of 45 minutes to answer all CEH messages, do new posts and look for inventory. I put on a kids’ CD. Ivery only likes (and by likes I mean won’t take off her shoe and throw it at me) songs 1, 5, 7, 13 and 23. I know it’s time to switch the song when she screams “Nooooooooooo!” and presses herself into the side of the car seat.

4:30PM “Da-Da!” Ivery has spotted Dad approaching the car from literally 100 yards away. She has a “Da-Da radar,” I swear. Justin joins us, and we head home. I make a phone call to the glass store, begging them to stay open to 5:10pm instead of 5pm, so that we can get glass tops for our vintage pieces due soon.

4:45PM We race to the glass store to pick up tops for our furniture before they close. We then head to a hardware store to load up on paint for current orders. Eleanor and Ivery enjoy testing out the wooden rocking chairs in the front and perusing the very well-stocked toy kiosk. We fight through traffic to get to the “new house,” as Ivery calls it.

6PM We arrive home. It’s power hour at our house. We cook dinner, clean up around the house, do laundry and play with the kids.

7:30PM Baths, stories and play.

8PM We put the kids to bed. Eleanor goes to sleep in three minutes flat most nights. Ivery usually stays up and parties until around 11pm.

8:15PM Justin heads out to the garage to paint the pieces for the week, and I get ready for another power hour (or three) of catching up on client emails, texts and messages. I peruse online for any fabulous vintage furniture for sale, post Justin’s latest furniture makeovers to the Facebook page, update the calendar and confirm Saturday and Sunday deliveries.

11:15PM I take a shower, clean up the house, make out a to-do list for tomorrow, check email and have a nice cold Kombucha Trilogy drink.

11:30PM Justin finishes painting early tonight. I decide that I must get to sleep before the clock strikes 12am. Cinderella has been a favorite around our house lately. 

Published September 2015