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A Tuesday in the Life of Courtney French

Courtney French, 27, is a stay-at-home mom, independent distributor for SeneGence and real estate agent-in-training. She and her husband of five years, Zach, the desk manager at Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford in Lewisville, live in McKinney with their 18-month-old son, Brecken, and two dogs.

7:22AM I wake up to the sound of my husband snoring and a rush of thoughts. Is my son awake? Did I sleep through sounds of him crying over the baby monitor? What time is it? I roll over and look at my phone. It’s a little early for my toddler to be awake, so I roll back over and try to go to sleep. 

7:24AM Eyes closed, body relaxed, mind racing: I need to get this done today, I forgot to go do this, I need to mail that … My mind is never at ease. 

9:03AM I hear faint cries over the baby monitor, like they’re in my dream. Once I comprehend that it’s my 18-month-old, Brecken, crying and not a dream, I sigh (more dramatically than usual), as I know this is the start to my day. I roll myself out of bed and make my way to his room, looking forward to the days where I wake him up and not the other way around.

9:10AM After a diaper change, some tickling and goofy faces, it’s time for breakfast. I pour myself a healthy bowl of Lucky Charms. I then go to put the milk back in the fridge, when I realize I used Brecken’s whole milk instead of the 2 percent milk I usually drink. Awesome. Now we’ve added a trip to the grocery store to our day. 

9:22AM The living room is already a wreck — toys strewn all over the floor, sippy cup sloshing around, cracker crumbs coating the carpet, and now clean diapers are being distributed by none other than my handsome little guy. 

9:23AM Playtime! This is when I get my exercise because I’m constantly running after my child and lifting all 23 pounds of him. No gym necessary.

11:41AM First nap of the day. He needs it, and Lord knows I do too. Finally some peace and quiet … until he decides he’s not quite ready for a nap and instead wants to kick and hit his crib, which in turns hits the wall, which is right next to the living room, which is where I am trying to nap.

12:02PM Brecken has finally settled down, so now it’s time for peace and quiet … except there goes my mind again. Should I start some laundry? I really need to get to those dishes in the sink. What do we have to eat for lunch? Should I straighten up the living room even though I know he will destroy it as soon as he wakes up? Maybe it’s more quiet than peaceful at the moment.

1:33PM Naptime is over. Now it’s time for his lunch. On the menu: mandarin oranges (which the dogs get half of), toddler ravioli (which the dogs get half of) and carrots (which the dogs get most of).

3:20PM Time for nap No. 2 for Brecken and lunchtime for me. Mac and cheese, you are my best friend.

4:33PM Brecken wakes up. Guess I should probably go to the grocery store. Let’s FaceTime Daddy at work instead. I’m sure he misses that baby and would like to see him.

4:51PM And I’m still contemplating the grocery store. OK, fine. I’ll just go. We need a few things anyway.

5:06PM After spending five minutes taking my son out of his car seat, sanitizing the buggy, then putting the cover over the buggy, we finally walk into the grocery store. I feel like I deserve a ribbon after that.

6:29PM Oh my goodness, will someone please tell me why it took more than an hour to get groceries? I should have made a better list instead of trying to wing most of it. Now I have a good $60-plus in groceries that I probably don’t really need. Curse you, bakery section!

6:46PM Dinner is a little later than usual, but that’s OK. By the way, have you ever tried feeding a toddler and trying to put away groceries at the same time? It’s so much fun.

7:17PM Now that Brecken is wearing most of his dinner, it’s bathtime — his favorite time of the day, and one of mine too. I love watching him splash and play with his toys. It’s so stinking cute! Almost melts away the stresses of the day.

7:33PM Bath? Check. Lotion? Check. Jammies? Check. FaceTime Daddy so he can say goodnight? Check! It’s finally baby’s bedtime, and this momma is beyond ready.

7:48PM Time for my dinner. What’ll it be? Popcorn? Leftovers? Another bowl of those healthy Lucky Charms? Favor delivery it is. Ain’t nobody got time to cook.

9:32PM My hardworking husband is finally home from work. We sit down on the couch and turn on the TV, and he’s asleep. He must’ve had a long day.  

11:13PM It’s time for us to go to bed. I let the dogs outside, fill their water and food bowls, do my nighttime routine and get in bed. Zach’s already asleep again. Poor guy! 

1:30AM I finally stop watching TV and playing games on my phone. I should probably go to sleep now. I close my eyes … and my mind starts racing all over again.