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A Tuesday in the Life of Angela Parker

Angela is the CEO of the Parker household. She and her husband Michael, director of compliance for Capital One Financial Services, moved to Frisco a year and a half ago from Midlothian, Virginia. They have three kids: Matthew, 9, Abigail, 5, and Mae, 2 ½.

6:50AM I wake up to the sounds of Matthew in the kitchen getting his breakfast and Mae calling out for me from her room. Matthew gets her out of her room and Abigail is up minutes later.

7AM Matthew eats breakfast while I pack his snack and lunch. I get the girls set up with some dry cereal and leave to put in my contacts and get dressed.

7:20AM Now that I can clearly see the state of my kitchen, I am aghast. Since misery loves company, I peek in the laundry room and it’s just as ghastly. Momma has her work cut out for her today.

7:30AM While contemplating the various ways I can procrastinate having to clean and do laundry, Matthew is off to school. I am so lucky that my husband Mike takes him to school most days.

7:35AM Time for some coffee — sweet nectar of the gods. I enjoy mine with a side of Facebook and plan out our day and put on PJ Masks for the girls. Today’s agenda: gas station, lunch with Matthew at school, post office and The Coop so the girls can play.

8AM My kitchen and laundry rooms are offensive now. Time to send the girls upstairs to use their imaginations so they don’t make matters worse … I mean, so I can do laundry.

8:45AM I totally owned that laundry. Time for a workout. I run or walk to stay sane, but for cross- and strength training, I’m doing the 21 Day Fix workout DVDs. Since I missed yesterday, I have to do two today — one this morning and one this evening. Up first: Total Body Cardio Fix. The girls come down and do the moves with me. (Imagine cats and an elephant doing yoga and that’s basically what we all look like.)

9:30AM These 30-minute workouts are the bee’s knees. I’m so sweaty and need a shower. I set the girls up with a snack and a movie so I can get a shower and get ready for the day.

10AM Now that I’m clean, I quickly tackle the kitchen: load and run the dishwasher, wipe down countertops and table, vacuum the sea of crumbs. And I put in another load of laundry.

10:20AM After calling my mom and texting with some girlfriends, I pick out the girls’ clothes and get Mae dressed. Abigail gets herself dressed. I pack up my bag for the day’s outings and we are out the door.

10:47AM While loading the girls in the car, I notice a sea of popcorn on the floor. Who does this? What animals live here? (Note to self: Vacuum the car at some point today.)

10:50AM We are on the road. After fueling up the car, we head to Matthew’s school for lunch.

11:40AM Once we have checked in and arrive in the cafeteria, we have a great (and yummy!) lunch. The girls are so excited to be at school, and Matthew is happy to show off his little sisters to his friends.

12:15PM We say our goodbyes to big brother and head off to the post office.

12:56PM I literally can’t even with this car. We have some time after the post office, so it’s off to the car wash and vacuum. #storyofmylife

1:15PM Zen: a clean car inside and out. Too bad it will only last six hours. To The Coop we go.

1:33PM The Coop does not disappoint; the girls play hard and make some new friends while they’re at it.

2:25PM We decide to leave The Coop at just the right time — it’s starting to storm pretty badly. We head off to the car line at school to pick up Matthew.

3PM My sweet boy hops in the car, and the first thing he says is, “Thank you for having lunch with me today, Momma.” Heart melts.

3:09PM When we get home from school, we chat about Matthew’s day. The kids have a snack. I see that an Amazon Prime shipment has arrived in a huge box. After I put the contents away, the kids turn it into a rocket ship and play.   

3:43PM Mike will be home at 4:15. I guess I should start putting everyone’s mountains of clothes away. The girls start in with some hard-core whining. My ears begin to bleed.

4:15PM My partner in crime is home! He occupies the kids and I am able to put all the laundry away … for the rest of my life.

4:41PM We are having leftovers for dinner, so I reheat everything while Matthew and Abigail set the table, and it’s chow time.

5:15PM After dinner, we send the kids to pick up the playroom. If they choose to accomplish their mission, their reward is that we will all watch their favorite show, American Ninja Warrior.

5:43PM Playroom is clean. Dinner cleanup is finished. We snuggle in on the couch and watch. I love watching my kids watch this show. They are in awe the whole time.

7:05PM After the show it’s brush teeth and bedtime. I put Mae to bed and Mike puts the big kids to bed.

7:25PM Mae’s asleep so I head up to the big kids. They are brilliant at stalling. After multiple requests for kisses and water and bathroom and water and more kisses, it’s lights out.

7:40PM Time to get in workout No. 2: Upper Fix, which also yields shower No. 2. And wine.

9PM Netflix and chill. We are pretty obsessed with Bloodline right now. We became big Kyle Chandler fans after finishing Friday Night Lights a few months back.

11:30PM We can’t keep our eyes open anymore. It’s my favorite time of day: bed.