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A Tuesday in the Life of Angel Koenig

Angel Koenig is the owner of Mindful Counseling, where she specializes in trauma recovery and adjusting through transitions. She also enjoys running, doing yoga, building and refurbishing rustic furniture, and sharing new experiences with her husband of 6 ½ years, Eric, a general liability claims specialist, and their 3-year-old daughter, Ellie Mae. The family lives in Denton.

5:30AM My husband’s alarm goes off, and he wakes up to begin his day. I feel thankful I still have another hour of sleep before it’s my turn to get going. I also feel guilty that I have another hour of sleep before I have to get going!

6:30AM It only feels like minutes ago that my husband’s alarm went off, but there goes mine, so I roll over to turn it off and then open my eyes and start moving my hands and feet to wake myself up. I don’t hear my daughter on the monitor yet. I have time to get up and get ready without little feet under me. I get dressed in my workout clothes, debating whether to go for a short run or long run this morning.

6:45AM I let our dogs out and start gathering my daughter’s clothes, brush and other items she needs for her day. I find it easier if I prepare everything I can before she wakes up. Anything I can do to make it easier, right?

7:14AM Still waiting for sleeping beauty, aka our daughter, Ellie, to arise. I open her door to check in and find her reading a book in bed. She tells me, “I’m ready to get up now, Momma.” I pick her up and hug her tight. I enjoy those first morning hugs where she is too tired to do anything other than let me hold her. (Although she words it, “Can I hold you, Mommy?”) I am reminded this won’t last long and savor what I can.

7:45AM Out the door and on our way to Ellie’s in-home child care provider. Ellie likes to feed the squirrels on our way up the steps to the door when we arrive. I have to remind her they won’t come to us, so she agrees to leave the nuts she found by a nearby tree.

8:06AM I grab my morning coffee and head home to make some breakfast. I go for a run and end with a meditation on the front porch. I find this practice always helps me prepare for my day so that I can be fully present with my clients and in my own life. I take a minute to acknowledge the beauty in this world.

9:15AM After cleaning up and getting dressed for the day, I am out the door again heading to my office to prepare for the clients on my schedule today. I run into traffic, which is rare on my route and turn up the music to avoid any irritation or frustration.

9:45AM I arrive at the office and complete paperwork left over from yesterday. Then I make some quick calls and return some emails before my first client arrives.

1PM Lunch break! I pull out some pulled pork my husband made yesterday. Delicious. I eat this and make a to-do list for the rest of the day. Then I start working away on it, scheduling clients for the rest of the week and reconciling our family budget, along with my business budget. Not the most fun part of my day, but I’m trying to push through to have it done with.

3:15PM I receive a call from a business asking to do marketing for my company. I usually blow these off, but today I take the time to listen to the opportunity. I remind myself how grateful I am to be where I am today, owning a growing business that helps others and contributes to the community.

5PM I wrap up at the office and head home. My husband and daughter greet me at the door when I arrive. My daughter shows me what she colored today at child care — a rainbow, she says. I acknowledge all the colors she used and acknowledge how much effort she put into it.

7:27PM We decide to run to the store and grab our 150-pound Irish wolfhound a bone for his seventh birthday. Ellie hands it to him when we get home and says “Happy Birthday, Waylon!” She begins giggling as he grabs it from her and runs away.

8PM A quick bath for the little one and off to her room to read books. She has us read Corduroy to her and then decides she wants to read it to us. She then decides she wants us to read Goodnight Moon while she is reading Corduroy and won’t continue until we begin our book. I sneak video footage of this because of how cute it is.

8:47PM We lay our daughter down and hear her singing, “Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright…” from her bed. Her father has sung this to her nightly to this point in her life, and she has recently started remembering the melody and words herself. My husband and I look at each other and laugh.

9PM I think about cleaning up in order to wake up to a clean house, but my body says to leave it for tomorrow. I head to bed and put on Bob’s Burgers to wind down.

9:30PM I scratch my husband’s back knowing he has a hard time falling asleep and say a prayer that he gets the rest he needs and wakes with energy tomorrow. I thank God for my life and my blessings and fall asleep.