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A Tuesday in the life of Andrea Glispie

Andrea Glispie lives in Plano with husband Ben, a commercial banker, and their 18-month-old son, Romie, and works remotely as a senior field organizer for the National Skills Coalition in Washington, D.C.

5AM Alarm goes off. I’m really trying to start my day earlier so I can create more time for myself.
5:20AM And herein lies the problem. I’m still in bed, but awake, scrolling through my social media feeds. I’m sure something interesting happened overnight … wink!
5:30AM I finally manage to stumble to the kitchen and start my Keurig. Without coffee, not much in my life is possible.
5:45AM Time for some intentional quiet time now that I have a little caffeine coursing through my system.
6:10AM Ending my meditation time with a little prayer. Always need a little extra help with being the wife, mother, worker and friend I am meant to be.
6:45AM Finishing up my first cup of coffee of the day. Now quickly unloading the dishwasher from the night before. I hear my husband, Ben, get up and start the shower. And soon our 18-month-old, Romie, will be up too.
7AM Romie is officially up. I love how he greets me most mornings with the biggest smile. Lots of cuddles and kisses ensue. It’s only been about 12 hours since I last spent time with him, but it feels like forever.
7:10AM I take Romie to greet Daddy as he gets ready for work. I’m still not dressed yet. Thankfully, I work from home.
7:20AM Romie’s in his high chair, eating breakfast. I turn on Daniel Tiger from my laptop while he eats.
8AM I’m ready for the day. Ben and Romie are finished with breakfast. Ben gives Romie hugs and kisses then heads out. Of course, Romie is devastated and proceeds to cry and flail around the room.
8:15AM Romie and I are back in his room.  We’re reading his favorite book for the hundredth time.
8:30AM I’m trying to change Romie. No one warned me that putting a fresh diaper and clothes on a toddler is like enduring a couple of rounds with a caged fighter.
9AM Diaper is finally changed, and hair and teeth are brushed. Clothes on. Whew! Our nanny is here. We touch base quickly about the day before I head upstairs to my home office.
9:14AM My day always starts with reviewing my calendar, reading and responding to emails that have come in this morning or leftover from the day before, and then jotting down a to-do list just for today.
10AM Jumping onto my first conference call of the day. Talking with a local chamber of commerce in Georgia.
11:25AM I shuffle downstairs to give Romie a quick hug and kiss: the number one reason that I love working from home.
11:35AM Now I’m throwing a load of laundry in the washer since I’m already downstairs: the second reason I love working from home.
11:45AM Might as well make a quick lunch before heading back upstairs to my office.
12PM Eating lunch at my desk and going over my notes for a national webinar that I’ll be co-leading.
12:20PM Dialing early into webinar to touch base with my co-presenter before we start the call.
12:30PM Webinar starts. We have over 300 participants listening in, many of whom are asking great questions, which we do our best to answer.
1:45PM Webinar finally wraps up. I feel like I’ve lost a few pounds from presenting and fielding questions. I need a moment to decompress by taking a spin through my social media networks.
2:05PM It’s time to play a little catch-up with the emails that have come in while I’ve been on conference calls.
3:30PM I need to get up, stretch and walk around for a bit. I’m trying to be a bit more conscious of how much I sit during the day. I’m convinced the extra pounds I’m still carrying from pregnancy would come off faster if I took more steps during the day.
3:45PM Talking to a colleague as I transfer a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer.
4:05PM The final push before 5pm. I send a few emails.
5PM Clearing off my desk for the day. Can’t wait to get downstairs to see my little one!
5:15PM Catching up on how the day went with our nanny. Romie and I then walk her out and check the mail.
5:20PM Romie’s grandparents in Florida are calling. They want to FaceTime with us.
5:45PM Romie’s out-of-town aunts (my sisters) are pinging me to FaceTime. I love how technology bridges the distance between relatives. But it can also be a pain when I need to get dinner started.
6:05PM Time to make dinner. It’s the time of day I have the most intense love/hate relationship with. I love to cook. But it’s not always easy to do with a toddler running around.
7PM Ben’s home! It’s always good to see him, and I especially love Romie’s reaction the minute he walks through the door. It’s like he is winning The Price is Right every night.
7:30PM Romie finishes eating, and I pass him on to Ben who gives him a bath.  I get a quick bit to eat and then change into my running clothes. I’ve got a 5K coming up.
8:30PM Run is finished! It’s always so hard to get myself out the door, but I feel so good after it’s done.
8:45PM Stretching at home. Rome is officially asleep. Ben is relaxing in front of the TV, eating dinner.
9PM A hot shower feels so good after a long day!
9:15PM Well, someone else had a long day too. Ben is passed out in the recliner. I take his plate to the kitchen, and tidy up there.
9:35PM Ben made it to bed and is back to sleep. I snuggle in bed next to him with my iPad.
9:45PM I’m reading the same paragraph over and over again. That means only one thing: time for bed. I say a quick prayer of thanks for a safe end to a long, but productive day and turn off the light. 

Published October 2015