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A Thursday in the life of Rebecca Rudkin

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, transplant mom Rebecca Rudkin lives in Fort Worth with her two daughters— Collins, 6, and Alivia, 4—and her husband of 12 years, Jason, who is the VP of finance at Haag Engineering. She teaches at her youngest daughter’s preschool and serves the elderly and children of her church.

4:30AM  The alarm goes off. I love mornings so I don’t mind getting up early to run, pray, clean and get my girls ready.

4:45AM  I get my shoes on and head to the garage where my treadmill is. I spend my run praying and listening to a sermon. 6AM After running, I head to the kitchen to clean any mess left over from the night before. Anyone who knows me knows I am a little OCD about keeping my house clean. 

6:25AM Collins comes downstairs. Normally, she doesn’t have to get up for another hour so I kindly tell her to go back to bed. She reluctantly agrees. I am never really sure that she actually goes back to bed or starts playing quietly.

6:40AM I shower and start to get ready.

7AM I draw a bath for my girls. I see that my oldest didn’t end up going back to bed but is awake, so I tell her to get in.

7:10AM While she bathes, I straighten my hair. I have that naturally curly hair that’s not enough curl to be cute and not straight enough to leave it alone; so if I don’t straighten it, it will be up in a bun for the day.

7:20AM I dry off Collins and she gets dressed. Today is crazy sock and hair day at school. Sheis attempting to put on the crazy WuShock socks we picked up for her on our last trip to Wichita. However, it’s not going smoothly and she is getting frustrated. At the same time, I am trying my best attempt at crazy hair by braiding pipe cleaners in her hair. Needless to say, I hadn’t accounted for how crazy this was going to make our morning.

7:30AM My husband comes upstairs and helps get Alivia into the bath. This morning was not going as planned, and today I needed extra hands to get it done.

7:45AM Alivia, Collins and I give our last kisses and hugs to Daddy then leave to drop Collins off at school.

7:55AM We walk Collins to her classroom. I apologize to her for getting frustrated with the sock and hair debacle and tell her to have a great day.

8AM Alivia and I head to Sonic for a soda and then to preschool.

8:20AM I start to get the room ready.

8:45AM The teachers and I head downstairs for a prayer before the kids come.

9AM I greet all my happy kiddos who are dressed in their cutest western gear for Western Day.

10AM We start our language arts station. I love this time because I get to work in small groups with the kiddos. It helps me improve my teaching skills.

11:30AM Lunchtime. We sit with the kids at the table, but there isn’t much eating going on; it’s a game of I Spy.

12:30PM We head outside for recess. It is one of those gorgeous days that we Texans are lucky to get in wintertime.

2:15PM The school day is over and the kids have all been picked up, and it’s time for Alivia and I to head home real quick before we pick up Collins.

2:25PM We get home, I change clothes, start dinner for Jason and I then go outside with Alivia to play.

3:10PM We pick up Collins and head to a quick drive-through so I can pick up a salad for an elderly lady at our church for whom I am providing a meal tonight.

3:40PM We get home and the girls cannot wait to play outside with their friends.

3:50PM Time for yard work! I put out the fall weed and feed in hopes that our grass can gain the upper hand over the weeds next spring.

4:50PM We go to piano lessons to drop Alivia off first, then Collins and I head to Ms. Beverly’s
from church to deliver the salad.

5:15PM We drop off the salad and visit for a few minutes.

5:30PM We get back to piano lessons to pick up Alivia and drop off Collins.

6PM We pick Collins up, and her teacher tells me she has her whole song memorized for recital. I am so proud of her!

6:15PM I take the girls to McAlister’s because they won’t like the spicy meal I prepared earlier. Plus, when a kid’s meal is a dollar you can’t go wrong. We visit and laugh while they eat.

7PM We get home and the girls watch a show upstairs.

7:05PM I hear the girls screaming about how there is a bug in the house. I figure it is nothing so I tell them I’ll be up in a bit.

7:10PM I go upstairs and realize it’s more than just a bug—there are two wasps! I grab the wasp spray and, finally, after several tries they are both dead, and the girls can go back to watching their show.

8PM Jason gets home, and we enjoy a little more time together as a family before the girls go to bed.

8:40PM We take the girls to bed and hug and kiss them goodnight.

8:45PM Jason and I relax on the couch and watch Bull. This has become one of our favorite shows.

9:30PM I doze off.

10PM Jason and I head downstairs. It’s been a good day, and tomorrow is a chance to work on doing things better than today.