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A Thursday in The Life of Kelly Love

Kelly Love lives in Far North Dallas and works for Texas Care Alliance in Plano. She has been married to Bill, who works in IT recruiting, for nine years. They have two sons, Brady, 6, and Trent, 4.

2:45AM Trent comes running into our room crying, “Mommy, Mommy.” I can tell he’s upset. I hoist him up on the bed and put the covers back on him. I have no desire to put him back in his bed; let’s just go back to sleep. But I can hear him picking at his fingernails. Ugh!

3:00AM He starts talking (he doesn’t have volume control and doesn’t whisper). He starts asking me where spiders live. Clearly he was having a nightmare about spiders. I try to explain that the spiders are outside and will not come to get him. After a small discussion, we all go back to sleep.

6:10AM Alarm goes off. I turn it off but don’t get out of bed.

6:25AM Ok, I’ll get out of bed now. I get ready while everyone else is sleeping. This basically means that I wash my face and do my make-up.

7:05AM I go into Brady’s room to wake him up. He’s not super responsive, but he tells me what he wants for breakfast. I tell him I’m going to make it and I will call him when it’s ready.

7:10AM I holler at Brady that his breakfast is on the table. Surprisingly, he comes into the kitchen and starts to eat. He has some homework to finish from the night before, so we work on that while he’s eating.

7:25AM Now I move on to waking up Trent. It’s like waking a bear from hibernation — seriously. I tell him that I’m going to make his breakfast and I’ll call for him when it’s ready.

7:30AM Somehow, I get Trent into the kitchen and send Brady to his room to get dressed. Of course, Trent thinks he should go to Brady’s room now too. Ugh, so much for breakfast. It’s mix-and-match day at school for Brady, so naturally, Trent wants to mix and match too. I help Brady pick out mix-and-match clothes and get Trent dressed in his.

7:40AM I get myself dressed — in clothes that match — but I can’t find the leggings I want to wear under my dress. No time to look right now, I will deal with it after I walk Brady to school.

7:45AM I finish packing Brady’s lunch and get his backpack loaded with everything he will need for the day. Brady informs me that he wants to wear my weightlifting gloves as part of his mix-and-match outfit. How that’s part of it, I don’t know. I run out to my car to find them.  Success! He puts them on.

7:50AM Time to leave the house and walk to school. One problem: Trent is having a total meltdown because he wants to wear the gloves Brady has on. I fight Trent to get his shoes on as he’s throwing a tantrum. No time to fight putting a jacket on him, we have to go. Of course, he won’t walk to school, so I carry him. For a quarter of a mile. While he’s wailing.

7:57AM We get Brady to school in time — phew! We walk home. I’m still carrying Trent. He’s still wailing.

8:00AM Back at the house, I put Trent down and he goes to get his breakfast. He takes a few bites and, like Jekyll and Hyde, he is miraculously in a wonderful mood and again my best friend.

8:05AM I finish getting myself ready. I do my hair, then try to find those leggings. After dumping out most of my bins where they might be, I find them — in the last one, of course. This is a mess I’ll have to clean up tonight.

8:25AM I clean up our morning mess in the kitchen and put the dishes in the sink.

8:30AM I gather Trent’s stuff, and we are out the door, heading to Trent’s day care.

8:40AM I drop Trent off. Thank goodness he likes school and it’s an easy drop-off. Now I’m on my way to the office.

9:10AM I get to work and check my email real quick. Nothing too urgent, but I prioritize what I need to get done.

9:15AM I head to the office kitchen to make a chai latte. At least I can fake that I got to go to Starbucks.

10:00AM I have a meeting with my boss to discuss our budget.

11:15AM We have a team meeting to set priorities for the next couple of weeks.

12:00PM I hit the office kitchen to find something to eat. I’m not good about planning my weekday lunches. I usually just wing it. Luckily, my company has some staples on hand so I can make something to eat (tuna, peanut butter or soup).

1:00PM I head back to my desk to plow through emails.

2:30PM I work on logistics for a conference I’m planning for my company.

4:20PM I try to cut out of work a little early. It’s going to be a busy evening, and I have a couple of errands I’d like to get done sans children.

5:10PM I pick up Trent from day care.

5:20PM I pick up Brady from after-school care.

5:30PM All three of us arrive at Trent’s soccer practice. After wrestling on Trent’s shin guards and cleats, he’s off with his team. Brady and I kick the ball around while we watch.

6:00PM Trent’s practice is over. Now I have to rush Brady to his baseball practice.

6:25PM I drop Brady off at baseball practice. It started at 6:15, but there is no way I can get there in time with traffic. Thankfully, I can leave Brady at practice with my husband, who coaches the team.

6:40PM Trent and I pick up some food for dinner. I let him pick. He wants Chick-fil-A, but he agrees to a hot dog from Coconuts so I can get fish tacos. We’re both happy.

7:10PM We take dinner over to my parents' house and eat with them. They just got back from a trip, and we want to hear all about it.

8:35PM We get home. My husband has already fed Brady and given him a bath. Score!

8:40PM I get Trent in the bath.

8:45PM We get both boys dressed in their PJs and their teeth brushed. Time to read books. We read one book in Brady’s room all together, then I take Trent to his room to read one more. My husband reads another book with Brady.

8:55PM Lights out! Brady’s great about falling asleep, but I can hear Trent talking, and every time I walk by his room, he calls, “Mommy?”

9:00PM I head to the kitchen to unpack Brady’s backpack and make him lunch for the next day.

9:30PM After I’ve taken Trent back to his room twice, I jump in the shower.

10:00PM I think everyone is finally asleep — finally! I lay done in bed and grab a coloring book. I have an adult coloring book that I was told would help reduce stress. I think it helps.

10:30PM Lights out for me. I’m tired and I never know who may come visit me in the middle of the night so I want to get a jump on my sleep.