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A Thursday in the Life of Jessica Brown

This Argyle mom spends her days with children at The Selwyn School and goes home to three kiddos of her own

Jessica Brown is a busy mom of three children, director of admissions at Selwyn School in Argyle and wife to Mat,
president of Rhino Steel Building Systems in Denton. The couple lives in Harvest in Argyle with their 7-year-old daughter, Margo; 5-year-old daughter, Sydney; 2-year-old son, Jack; and 7-month-old boxer-mix puppy, Janie.

5:45AM My alarm goes off. I hit the snooze for five more
minutes and wish it were for longer. I crawl out of bed and
am greeted by our very excited puppy, Janie, and then spend the next 40 minutes pulling myself together for the day while listening to a Pandora station.

6:30AM My husband’s alarm goes off as I head down the hallway to the girls’ room. Margo and Sydney are opposites when waking up: One is a bear while the other is sunshine. Janie usually tries to help wake them up by burrowing into the covers as they pull them over their heads. Eventually I end up carrying them both to my bathroom to start getting ready. Somehow in the time it takes me to wake them up, Mat is completely ready for work and about to head out the door. How are guys able to do that?

6:45AM Jack comes waltzing into my bedroom, ready to start the day. The girls are trying to decide which uniform to wear and I’m making last-minute adjustments.

7:00AM Our nanny, Susan, arrives as we’re pulling together breakfast, lunches and backpacks. I meal prep for the week on Sundays so it’s quick to grab everything, drink my pink drink, pour some coffee to go and run out the door.

7:15AM After kissing Jack goodbye, we are off to school and work. I love this daily drive with my girls. Every morning, we have a mix of great conversations and loud singing.

7:35AM We arrive at school. The girls rush to put their things away and hang out with friends before they start their day. I stand at the front with other teachers to greet students and their parents. One of my favorite things about working in K–12 is all the hugs I get!

8:15AM Classes begin, and I head to my desk with a second cup of coffee in hand, ready to tackle the day.

8:30AM Meeting with our planning committee for International Night. We’re celebrating our 60th year as a school so we’ve got a big party to pull together—think student production, a gala, live auction and more.

9AM I meet with a current Selwyn family about re-enrollment before taking a new family on a tour of our school.

11AM It’s time to refuel so I grab a snack on the way back to my desk. I make phone calls and respond to emails. Sydney stops by on her way to the bathroom to say hi and give me a quick kiss. I love being able to work where my babies go to school!

11:30AM Time to put on my marketing hat and meet with one of our partners to take pictures of the students to be used on social media. It’s fun to walk around and be in the classrooms and see all the excitement.

12:30PM Lunchtime. I pick up my lunch from the break room and head back to my desk to prepare for my next meeting.

1PM I have an appointment with the head of school and director of development to solidify details about International Night, walk through projections and report on admissions.

2PM I just found out my 3pm meeting was cancelled—woo-hoo! Time to schedule tours and keep up correspondence with current and prospective families. I send my husband a quick text to let him know I’m thinking about him.

4:30PM Time to wrap up the day’s work, grab my girlies and head home. There are more stories and silliness on the drive as well as pleas for food. Why are kids always so hungry? I usually plan for this and have an extra snack or two up my sleeve.

5PM Bid farewell to the nanny for the day. The girls change and we grab more snacks before we’re out the door again. It’s soccer time for Sydney so we load up in the car to drive to Denton.

5:45PM We meet Grandma and Opa at soccer practice to take over with the kiddos while I rush home to meet Mat. It truly takes a village, y’all.

6:30PM Camp Gladiator time. I love my CG family—I go at least four times a week. Mat and I meet up with anywhere from 10 to 30 of our neighbors to work out with a trainer outside. This is a mix of “me” time and a quick date night. Couples who work out together stay together, right?

7:30PM We head home to take over the end of dinner, finish homework, tell Grandma and Opa goodbye and get ready for the next day. A quick bath is in order for the kiddos.

8:30PM We read a story with the girls and kiss them goodnight. Then Jack and I head to his room for his own story. We recently converted his bed to a big-boy bed, thus bedtime is taking longer than usual. I often fall asleep on the floor next to him, and tonight is no different.

9:30PM I wake up stiff from the floor and head to the kitchen. Mat and I get lunches ready for the next day, and then it’s finally shower time for us.

10:30PM We crawl into bed, read for a little while and then lights out. Mat is asleep within minutes. I’m not too far behind him, exhausted from the day.