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A Thursday in the Life of Janie Hoskins

Janie Hoskins lives in Fort Worth with her husband of 11 years, Aaron, and their three children: Caden, 7, Brynna, 5, and Sophie, 1. She works from home as a restaurant marketing director for Chick-fil-A, and Aaron is the worship pastor at Hulen Street Church.
5AM The alarm goes off. I barely open my eyes and hit “snooze.” The alarm rings again and I reach for my phone to check my weather app. Trying not to wake my husband, I stumble around in the dark gathering my clothes.

5:15AM Awake and dressed, I venture into the living room. I am not a morning person, but I have come to love this time. It is the only part of my day that is free from distractions and noise. I open my Bible and study materials and begin working on my lesson for today.

5:55AM I perform what my kids call the “sneaky ninja” past my kids’ rooms and to the garage, and then I drive three minutes to meet some friends for our run. During our run we somehow find the strength to talk about life, motherhood and God.

6:57AM Back home, the house is bustling with noise. Brynna hops down from the table to give me a hug and remind me that I’m sweaty. Sophie toddles over next with her arms held high — the universal sign for “Pick me up!” I lift her up and we go find Caden in his room getting dressed.

7:20AM I empty the dishwasher while telling Caden to grab his backpack and lunchbox. Sophie and Brynna are still eating breakfast. My husband swoops in for a quick hug and kiss and then heads out the door with our boy.

8:45AM After multiple interruptions, I finally emerge from my room completely dressed. I frantically pack my girls’ bags. Brynna is dressed but her hair needs to be brushed and pulled back. I pull it into “piggy tails” while she tells me about the drawing she was working on. Next, I chase Sophie around the house until I can snatch her up and wrestle her to get her clothes on. Off to preschool we go.

9:28AM Brynna hops out of the car and says hello to her friends as I unload Sophie from her car seat. As we walk into the church, Brynna runs ahead toward her classroom. She thinks she’s all grown up. I drop Sophie off, then I stop by Brynna’s classroom where she has already begun her table work. She lets me kiss her forehead and hug her. I wave to a few mom friends as I head back to my car.

10:03AM I pull into the Chick-fil-A in Burleson. Most days I work from home but Thursday is my day in the restaurant. I am grateful for this job, which allows me to use my degree but also care for my family. I have a meeting this morning with my fellow marketing director, so I find our usual table, drop all my stuff down and grab a drink.

11:15AM The lunch rush hasn’t begun yet so after our meeting, I place my order. I like working in the restaurant; the noise and energy help keep my mind engaged. I answer emails, return phone calls and prepare my social media calendar for the next month.

1:30PM It’s time to go, but I can’t find my phone. After a few minutes of searching, I find it buried under a stack of donation requests. Crisis averted, I clean up my mess and say goodbye to my teammates.

1:50PM At the church, I sit in my minivan for just a minute to catch my breath before heading in to pick up Sophie and Brynna from their classrooms. Then we walk over to Aaron’s office. The girls announce their entrance with a bang of the door and continue on to see Ms. Joy, who has candy at her desk. We stay and talk with Aaron for a few minutes. I need to swing by the grocery store before I pick up Caden.

3:05PM Our fast trip through the grocery store is done and we head toward High Point Academy.

4:25PM We are all finally back home. The big kids rush outside to play and Sophie follows behind. They are both sweet to push her in the swing so that I can put away all our various bags from the day.

5:05PM I begin making dinner. It’s an easy dinner tonight: We are having tacos, or quesadillas, or burritos — basically, I make turkey taco meat and wrap it in whatever form they prefer.

5:45PM After we all sit down for dinner, we go around for Highlight, Lowlight, which is when we ask our kids about the high point and low point of their day. It is always an interesting conversation.

6:47PM Dinner is done for everyone expect Brynna; she seems to be the last one at the table each night. I begin cleaning the kitchen, Caden finishes his homework and Aaron gets Sophie ready for bed.

7:30PM Sophie is asleep. The big kids are in pajamas and it’s time for our family devotional. This is a sweet time for me listening to my children talk about God. (Plus, I love the snuggles.)

8PM Caden and Brynna are tucked into bed and it’s downtime for Aaron and me. I find my favorite spot on our sofa and pull my fuzzy blanket up to my chin. Aaron turns on Hulu and we watch a few TV shows.

10PM Aaron and I go kiss the babies again. I change into my pajamas and take off my makeup. I always love the way it feels at the end of the day to sweep my hair up into a high ponytail and wash the dirt of the day away.

10:15PM I melt into my very comfortable bed. I have to tell myself to stop thinking about the tasks of tomorrow and just go to sleep.