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A Thursday in the Life of Funmilayo Nwokolo

A Lewisville teacher’s adventures with laughing gas, push-ups and three kids of her own

Funmilayo Nwokolo is a high school digital media teacher at Lewisville High School Ben Harmon Campus. She and her husband of 13 years, Ugo, a sales engineer, live in Lewisville with their three children—Ronke, 9; Kosi, 7; and Ugo 2.0, 4.

6:20AM I’ve overslept. I must’ve turned my alarm off instead of snoozing. Thank God for my internal alarm.

6:42AM Time for everyone to get ready. To my surprise, my daughter Ronke is already in the shower. My younger daughter, Kosi, is still under the covers, begging for one more minute of sleep. She’s not a morning person.

6:44AM I grab clean clothes for the kids. My husband (Ugo 1.0) and son (Ugo 2.0) have impromptu Daddy-son time by cheerfully roughhousing in our bedroom.

7:12AM My son tells me he wants to wear his soccer jersey instead of his uniform today. When I tell him no, he bursts into tears. He’s not a frequent crier so I’m shocked that this shirt would garner such a response. He exclaims that he wants to play soccer at his preschool—which he’s nevermentioned before. I let him wear the shirt and make a note to sign him up for soccer.

7:25AM The kids are supposed to leave by 7:30, but my girls are procrastinating as usual. Hubby tells the girls to get themselves together and then finishes getting Ugo 2.0 ready. I realize that his pants are too short—gotta change those! These kids are growing so fast.

7:33AM Everyone is still here. Officially three minutes behind schedule. The girls and hubby finally head out, and I fix Ugo 2.0 some cereal. I’m in the middle of intermittent fasting so I don’t worry about food yet.

8:02AM Hubby is back home. I tell him that he needs to pick up Ronke for her Girl Scout junior gardening badge event tonight. I took a half-day to visit the dentist so I’m not due at work until noon. It’s weird not to be in a rush in the morning, but I like it.

8:50AM Ugo 2.0 and I head out. I drop him off at pre-K and sign him up for soccer.

9:10AM While driving to my appointment, I call my mom. My family lives in Atlanta—I’m the only Texas girl—so I talk to my mom once or twice a day. Even though we haven’t lived in the same city since I left for college, we’re very close.

9:40AM In the dental chair for a quick cleaning. The hygienist offers laughing gas. At first I say no, but she informs me that it’s free and will wear off before I leave. So I say, “Sure, why not!” Famous last words. By the end, I feel woozy and not 100 percent Funmi. I sit in the lobby for a while and sip tea. Mental note: I’m too much of a lightweight for laughing gas.

11:08AM I’m at school with time to spare.

11:15AM My broadcasting students are working on silent short movie projects, but ironically there is no silence in the classroom. We spend time throwing around ideas for videos that they’re making to submit to the Lewisville ISD Film Festival.

12PM My second class of the day settles down. I give them 30 minutes to finish up Adobe Photoshop projects before we move on to our lesson on video editing with Adobe Premiere.

2:22PM Last class of the day. A student asks what we’re going to do, and I reply, “We’re doing what we do every day—figure out how to take over the world.” It’s a line from the ’90s cartoon, Pinky and the Brain. The longer I teach, the fewer kids get it.

3:54PM A couple of students stay for tutoring. One of them has turned around from the beginning of the year; he’s gotten his grades up and is doing great. I love those success stories.

4:05PM I text Hubby a reminder about Ronke’s event. The other kiddos will go with me to the regular Girl Scout meeting right after my 200th check-in at Camp Gladiator. I pick up my kids and we swing by the house so that they can grab scooters and snacks to keep occupied while I’m in class.

4:55PM While at CG, the kids color a poster that says, “Mommy’s 200th CG Workout.” They are the sweetest. My CG buddies are there too, and they write encouraging words around my mat in chalk. I love my little CG family! (Don’t tell them I said that though.)

5:17PM Ten more chest-to-ground push-ups to go. I wonder how I’ll get through the 100-plus push-ups I have to do this Saturday for my four-hour karate brown belt test. My trainer plays Prince on the speaker—I cannot hear “Kiss” and not dance, so I groove with my squats.

6:05PM My hubby arrives to pick up Ronke just as I was starting to think he forgot. The kids are hungry, so I take the rest of the crew to pick up some McDonald’s on our way to the Girl Scout meeting.

8PM Kosi reminds me that today is Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen. After the meeting, we head over for free ice cream. My son declines the ice cream in favor of chicken fingers, which makes me laugh. I’ve never declined ice cream—and certainly never for chicken!

8:30PM Back home. Ugo 2.0 gives Ronke her ice cream, which makes her happy. The kids are up past their bedtimes, so I tell them to take their showers.

9:47PM Kids are asleep. I think. Well, they’re at least in their rooms. Hubby and I catch up on one episode of Agents of SHIELD before I am completely zonked out.

10:30PM Bedtime.