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A Thursday in The Life of Candace Sandifer

Candace is an estate attorney, stay-at home-mom and judicial campaign steering committee member. She lives in Colleyville with her husband, Collin, a national commercial sales leader in the energy efficiency industry, and their three kids — Carson, 6, Logan, 5, and Audrey, almost 2. 

6:20AM I look at the clock and immediately think that I need to start waking up earlier. I quickly hustle out of bed to make coffee before the boys’ alarm goes off. 

6:30AM Logan, our youngest, comes tearing out of his room yelling, “The alarm went off! We can wake up!” Since he’s still only in his underwear and it’s 32 degrees outside, I send him back to his room to put on a robe. Or pants. Anything, really. 

6:40AM Logan and Carson eat oatmeal and fight about who will get to sit next to the baby when she wakes up. We put the highchair between them at the breakfast bar. It works today. Since the boys are only 15 months apart, life is a competition from the moment they rise to the moment they go to bed.

6:50AM Audrey is finally up. I send Logan to feed our dog, Dallas, then hurry Carson to his room to put on his uniform for school. This takes a while. We wear the same clothes daily so I never understand why this process takes 25 minutes.

7:30AM Collin, my husband, finishes his breakfast, grabs coffee and calls Carson to get in the car. (Thank goodness kindergarten is on the way to my husband’s office!) 

8:15AM Two lunches are finally made. Now it’s time to get the littles dressed for preschool. Logan is in pre-K, and Audrey started mother’s day out at 18 months. What would I do without these programs? 

9AM The kids head into their classrooms. I finish my coffee on the way to the gym. I never make the 5:30am classes like I want to. This is my one hour. I’m taking it.

9:45AM I do kickboxing at the gym, then run to the cafe to check emails. Work, campaign, preschool and elementary school updates await!

11:30AM At Starbucks, I sign in to my work email and confirm client appointments and will executions. I finalize two clients' wills and begin editing their medical powers of attorney. These must be finished today so my clients can review them. Edits always need to be made after client review, then they can go to print. 

12:45PM I’m starving. I grab food, finish up my legal work, then give a second look at the campaign emails coming in. I start to gather everything I need for our weekly steering committee meeting tomorrow. The primary is coming up!
1:15PM I sprint through the grocery store. I have exactly 25 minutes to shop so I can run everything home and get back on the road for preschool pickup at 2pm. 

2PM Logan helps me wake up Audrey who is still asleep on her nap mat in class. She’s tired but happy to see us. Sweet girl gets less rest at school, but she goes to bed earlier on school days, which makes up for the lost naptime. 

2:15PM We head out to the school playground. It warmed up quite a bit today (hello, Texas!), and the kids can play outside for about 30 minutes before we get into the car line.

2:55PM We turn into the car line at school, and I get a chance to turn the car off and check voicemail and emails in the school parking lot. I return a few calls while the younger kiddos watch a TV show in the car. With a toddler, TV is the greatest gift to a mom who has to sit in the car line. I’d love to say I don't use it often. I would be lying. 

3:45PM We’re home. The kids run outside to play. We’re so grateful to live in Texas. Audrey wants help climbing up to the slide. 

4:30PM I check Carson’s backpack for homework. He has one page of math. We don’t have swim or karate today, so we can do it after dinner. I leave the homework out so I don't forget.

6PM Collin gets home. Dinner comes out of the Crock-Pot. We sit down and eat together. Audrey lasts about four minutes before she’s begging to take a bath. Collin takes her once he’s done. I clean up and get Carson started on that homework. 

6:40PM Audrey is in bed, and the boys get ready for bedtime. Homework is done, so they choose to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos: Kids. They get 15 minutes before we read books and put them in bed.

7:45PM All kids are in bed. I open up the dryer and ignore the clothing in there. 

8PM I send out emails for donations for the school spaghetti dinner. I mark the calendar for all of our community homeowner’s association social events. We have quite a year planned, and I am the social chair. I like to have the calendar out at our yearly neighborhood meeting. 

8:45PM I finally shower

9:45PM My goal this year is to read more books before bed. I usually get on Facebook instead of reading. Or Instagram. Or BuzzFeed. The Internet is my enemy and greatest source of entertainment.

10:45PM I turn off the light and think, man I should go to bed earlier.