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A Thursday in the Life of Amanda Duquette

Amanda is the vice president of marketing for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas in Dallas. She lives in the Rockwall area with her husband Jim, a realtor, and their three boys — 3-year-old twins Collin and Connor and 2-year-old Nolan.

6:30AM The alarm goes off, and I’m not talking about the kind that you can snooze. I’m talking about the three boys. The “roars” coming from their rooms beckon me to crawl in and give big mommy bear “roars” to greet them.

6:40AM The boys are in the playroom now. Daddy makes breakfast for them while I hop in the shower, slap on some makeup and get dressed. Momtapus — that’s what I feel like some days. I’m in need of a few more arms and legs.

7:20AM I’m dressed and ready to go — well, almost. Despite my attempts to prep the night before, there is always something to be done before walking out the door. Today, it’s a little snot and a messy handprint. No time to change. I’m committed. I scrub the spots with a wet rag.

7:45AM Kisses for everyone. I help Daddy load the boys into the car, and he drops them off at day care.

8AM Normally, I’d be at work by now, but having three boys a year apart has forced me to adjust my work habits. But I make my drive from Rockwall into Dallas productive. I find it’s a good time to make calls — as long as I can keep cool on my commute.

9AM By now, the office is full and my inbox is too. Cranking through emails before the start of the day fills my to-do list before I have a chance to check anything off from the day before.

9:30AM We have a program team meeting, and we strategize on promotions, marketing and public relations.

10:30AM Back-to-back meetings make my mornings tick by fast. Time to think about fundraising and special events. 

11:30AM I sneak in a quick read — what’s happening locally, what are the latest industry trends, and who is doing what on social media.

12PM Lunch break. I power through my lunch hour at my desk. Sometimes stepping away for a bite to eat is a luxury. I find myself scheduling doctor’s appointments and weekend plans.

1PM I’m fueled up on caffeine, a salad and someone’s homemade fudge from the break room. It’s all about balance, right? And now I’m ready to head into another series of meetings.

1:45PM I get news from day care. A “friend” bit Nolan. He’s patched up, cuddled and doing fine. I’ll see the incident report in his backpack later tonight. Are you allowed to teach your kids to bite back?

4:30PM I snag a few minutes to breeze through emails and check in on my team. Usually, the last 30 minutes of my day set my agenda for the next one.  Time to prioritize.

5PM I’ve take my commute home to figure out the biggest question of my day, “What’s for dinner?” I should have made some of those meal-for-a-month Crock-Pot recipes.  Can I pay someone to do that for me?

6PM Today I’m running early and decide to pick the kids up from day care. Normally, Daddy gets this pleasure.  We quickly swap cars so I can fit all three car seats. My little Saab isn’t quite big enough to get three in a row.

6:15PM The twins greet me with a loud “Mommy” and are ready to tell me all about their days — the dinosaurs, the tiger they met on the playground, what their friend Luca did and that they want to watch a movie on the way home. My biggest fanfare comes from my littlest one. Nolan’s little legs carry him as fast as he can when he sees my head through the glass in his classroom door.

6:20 PM It’s a balancing act. Who to carry? “I want to hold you,” Collin declares.  "No, I hold you,” Connor shouts. When everyone needs their momtapus we select by pecking order. Nolan gets carried, and the twins walk all holding hands. We make a game of it. Mommy is the leader as we head to the car.

6:45 PM Chicken nuggets or mini corn dogs? What’s the lesser of the two evils?  I self-loathe.  I’m sure Pinterest moms who make their kids sandwiches in the shape of Elmo’s face would judge. Suck it up Mommy; you’ve got kids to feed, dishes to wash, laundry to do, and oh yeah, and the dogs need a bit of love too. 

7:30PM The boys are in the tub. Daddy’s the pro bather. I get to put my feet up and relax for a few minutes.

7:45PM I spend a few minutes with the boys. It’s hard being a working mom and only getting to spend short spurts with them. Mom guilt sets in. I can push their bedtime back a bit, right? I’m the mom. Let’s play!

8:15PM We give the boys kisses and cuddles from Mommy and Daddy. All boys are in bed. It’s so quiet; I have to turn on the TV for some background noise while I pound out a few more emails from the day while I snack on a bowl of Rice Krispies and a Diet Dr Pepper.

11:30PM Let my head hit the pillow, please!