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A Saturday in the Life of Stephanie Dixson

A former teacher in Dallas ISD, Stephanie Dixson is now a stay-at-home mom, StitchFix stylist and Beautycounter ambassador. Her husband of four years, A’Doriyun, teaches eighth grade science in Lewisville ISD. The couple lives in Dallas with their two little ones: Roman, 3, and Coral, 1.

6:30AM I wake up to my sweet Coral playing and cooing in her crib, saying, “Dada … Dada.” Of course Dada doesn’t hear her, so I (let’s be honest — reluctantly) get up, grab her some milk and change her diaper. I do this as quietly as I can, hoping I can lie back down in bed before Roman gets up. I’m praying he will give us another 30 minutes before he wakes up. It’s Saturday. Don’t they know to sleep in by now?

6:34AM Roman’s door flies open and I hear his feet quickly pitter-patter down the hall to our room. Now our door flies open, and he stands there with the biggest smile ever as he yells, “Mommy!” Good morning, Roman.

6:35AM My heart melts and I realize I am exhausted, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, with anyone else, than with my sweet family — even if my hubby is still snoring … I mean, sleeping.

7AM The kids and I are out of the room and in the living room with a cartoon on, toys all over the floor, and lots of brother-sister playtime happening. I sit on the couch and watch their interactions while I’m filled with an unexplainable joy.

7:30AM This Saturday is pancake, sausage and fruit day. I prepare breakfast for Roman and Daddy. Roman begs for pancakes and sausage every morning, but he knows he only gets them on the weekends — it’s a treat from his normal oatmeal or Cheerios and bananas for breakfast.

9AM It’s Just for Women day at my church, held every third Saturday at 9am. JFW is a time of encouragement, eating (of course) and digging into our Bibles together as we discuss life and what’s going on with each other. I love being able to model encouragement and share my life with these women. It is such an authentic group of ladies that do life together, and do it well.

11:30AM I return home to my hubby, who has a look of desperation on his face. Roman runs to the garage door screaming, “Mommy!” as he jumps into my arms, nearly knocking me over. And sweet Coral makes her way toward Mama.

11:35AM We have a big family wrestling match on the floor. I love Saturdays!

11:45AM “Mommy, I’m hungry…” Roman starts. I go to the kitchen to prepare sandwiches for lunch: deli meat for Mommy and Daddy and peanut butter and jelly Mickey Mouse sandwiches for Ro and sis. “Don’t forget the water and fruit,” says brother.

12:15PM Lunch is cleaned up and A’Doriyun and I debate whether to take the kids on a car ride to put them to sleep. Coral easily lies down for a nap, while Ro fights his.

12:20PM Daddy takes Roman for a drive around the neighborhood to get him relaxed enough to lie down for a nap.

12:30PM Daddy comes through the door carrying a sleeping boy — Roman finally gave up and fell asleep. Daddy lays him down in his bed and tiptoes to the living room. I can’t wait to live in a house with quiet floors.

12:31PM We look at each other with excitement and say, “What do you want to watch?” Excited to have at least an hour to ourselves, we quickly check our DVR’ed shows and find This Is Us, which we’ve been waiting since last Saturday to catch up on.

1:02PM Just as we get comfy on the couch, start the show and think to ourselves how we should also take a quick nap, Roman’s door flies open and he comes walking down the hallway to the living room, upset. So much for our show — we tried. I hold Roman as he falls asleep on me. He really missed his momma.

3PM We pack up and take the kids to Coffee Park, one of our favorite parks near our house. We take the wagon, because the kids love to ride in the wagon around the sidewalks at the park. And Roman has to bring a toy.  

4PM We leave and head to Paciugo off Lovers Lane. Wedding cake for hubby and strawberry and lemon sorbet for Roman and me. Coral gets a few bites, too. Yum!

5PM We get a call and head to Lewisville to see the grandparents. The kids love spending time with Jaja and Papa. It’s really a beautiful relationship they have. As soon as we get there, Roman insists on oatmeal and Coral runs to grab her Jaja’s hat, which reads BOSS. Is she trying to tell us something?

8PM We head home from dinner with the grandparents. Daddy lays Coral down (she’s out) and I get Roman cleaned up and in his jammies. Then we start story time. We let Roman choose whether to read a book or two, or to listen to one on the computer. Tonight he chooses a real book. First, he shows me the spine of the book (once a teacher, always a teacher), then we begin reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? When that’s over, we say our prayers, hug and kiss our monster and remind him to stay in his bed. Before the door is shut, he calls loudly for us and requires one more hug and one more kiss. This goes on until Daddy sternly reminds him it’s bedtime. Once Roman is settled, we anxiously prepare to finish our show we started at 12:31.

9:30PM We admit that we are too old to stay up late, so we head to our room and get on our knees to say our prayers together. Then I snuggle up for another night beside my best friend. What a blessing!