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A Saturday in the Life of Adrienne Rickett

How Grand Prairie’s Adrienne Rickett, med school administrator and single mom of two, spends her Saturdays

Adrienne Rickett is an administrator for Baylor’s graduate medical education program. The lifelong Texan lives in Grand Prairie with her two children, Kayla, 13, and Langston, 2.

6:21AM I wake up thinking, “Why am I up this freaking early on a Saturday?!” Lie in bed attempting to fall back asleep. Eventually I give up and check my Facebook.

6:43AM Since I’m awake, I might as well get up. I clean up a little around the house and throw an overdue load of laundry in the washing machine.

6:50AM Wash dishes. Midway through, I realize that I’m still sleepy, so I head back to bed.

7:32AM Feel my son moving around as if he’s waking up, so I stay very still in hopes that he’ll go back to sleep and we can both snooze a little longer.

7:39AM I feel a little hand playing with my eyelids—Langston’s awake. I remain still and quiet, hoping that maybe he will lie back down.

7:43AM That didn’t last long. My little guy is now almost sitting on my head and saying, “Mommy! Puppies, puppies!” He’s in love with Puppy Dog Pals. That’s my cue to get up, so I turn on my DVR and play an episode saved for situations like this.

7:51AM I get some milk for Langston, all the while thinking, “Am I the only parent still dealing with a 2-year-old who still likes to drink a lot of milk?”

7:56AM Search the kitchen for something to eat and decide on a bowl of cereal. This is a pre-morning snack to tide me over until breakfast—Langston doesn’t eat first thing in the morning, and my daughter is still asleep.

8:16AM After I finish my cereal, I check in on my son who is glued to some more Puppy Dog Pals. (Please no judgment on the amount of time he is watching TV!) I head back to the kitchen to finish washing the dishes, then clean up the bathroom and tidy up the rest of the house.

9:24AM I hear a sound from the other room and realize that my daughter, Kayla, is awake. She hollers, “Mom, what are we going to eat?!” I laugh, “Good morning, too!” We decide on getting some food when we’re out running errands.

9:31AM Time to get showered, dressed and ready to start our day.

10:36AM We all finally manage to get ready to leave the house.

11AM Rush to Chick-fil-A for a bite since it’s conveniently located near Target. We stand in line and complain about how long the wait is, just like we do every single week that we go.

11:40AM After we eat, we head into Target. We’re looking for a gift to bring to a birthday party later on today. We’ve known about the party, but always seem to purchase gifts on the day of every party because of our busy schedules.

12PM Our Target trip turns into an endless series of my son asking for balls and my daughter asking for phone cases that they both have a million of at home. On a good day, we end up with an actual present. Today, we settle on a $25 gift card. 

12:45PM We make it to the birthday party for my friend’s daughter at Pump It Up. We’re enjoying ourselves for about an hour, until Langston starts getting restless. His naptime is fast approaching and he’s starting to whine, which is our cue to head home. 

2PM We leave the party and load into the car so that we can all enjoy some naptime.

4PM Everyone naps until Langston is ready to wake up. He tends to make the whole house know when it’s time to wake up!

4:40PM We emerge from bed and I begin preparing for the week. My work keeps me busy during the weekdays, leaving me with little free time to plan out our schedules. Our Sunday routine is typically pretty busy—church in the morning, lunch at my dad’s after church and dinner with my mom and other family members.

5:30PM We head back to the store. (Don’t judge!) This time we are shopping for groceries so that we will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week. Anyone with children will know what a trip to the grocery store can be like!

6:20PM After almost an hour of going through the aisles, we are finally leaving the market. On our way out, we pick up a copy of Sing from Redbox. Tonight will be a games and movie night at home. I call in an order at Pizza Hut to pick up on our way home.

7PM Back home. I’m exhausted but looking forward to the rest of tonight. A cozy night in with my kids will be perfect.

7:16PM Put away the groceries, pop some popcorn, grab a few slices of pizza and head over to the living room. We all sit on the floor and set up a game of Monopoly. Langston isn’t quite old enough to understand the game enough to play, but he’s on the ground right in the mix between Kayla and me while we play.

7:46PM Game’s over when we get bored. We decide to turn on the movie. Tonight, we all manage to stay awake. Believe me, this doesn’t always happen during our movie nights. Someone always falls asleep during the movie, and that someone is usually me!

9:30PM The movie ends and we all head off to get ready for bed. Although I’m extremely tired from running around all week, my heart is full of joy. I lay my head on the pillow with a huge smile and drift off to sleep.