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A Monday in The Life Of Rachel Rosenfeld

Rachel lives in Southlake with her husband of five years, Austin, the CEO of a software company in Arlington, and her daughters, Peyton, 4 1/2 (that half is important), and Alexa, 18 months. In addition to operating as the full-time director of human resources at her husband’s company, she is a stay-at-home mom currently helping coordinate the construction of her family’s new home.
7:15AM The alarm sounds. I have the best of intentions to take a shower. My husband has already left the house — he commutes and has to wake up much earlier. Thankfully, both my kids are great sleepers and are still fast asleep. I’m about to take a shower, but first I need to check my email on my phone.
8:00AM After answering a bunch of emails, the phone rings. It’s the builder. We need to find time today to clear up some details so that we can continue building the house without delay. I’m checking my calendar to see what I might be able to squeeze into what I already know is a pretty full day. Fortunately, the vendors are flexible and I’m able to schedule a morning meeting with the trim guy and an afternoon meeting with the stairs guy.
8:15AM That shower is just not going to happen, so I put myself together the best I can. Clearly, this is going to be a hat-wearing day.
8:25AM I get both girls up. Peyton dresses herself while I dress Alexa. Downstairs, I set the girls up with breakfast, and I pack Peyton’s lunch while they eat.
8:55AM Shoes and jackets are on, and we are loading up the minivan. Peyton has to be at pre-K by 9am or she’s tardy. Lucky for us, we live across the street from the school. We would walk, but it’s cold and super windy today. Plus, driving takes less time.
9:02AM I arrive at my meeting with the trim guy and his team with Alexa in tow. Fortunately, the new build is also close by and the interior of the house shields us from the wind outside. We walk the house and discuss the differences between various interior features that we can install. I’ve done my research (thank you, Pinterest) and am feeling decisive with my answers. I choose exposed ceiling beams for the family room and a coffered ceiling (which resembles a tic-tac-toe board) for the study. We decide on the trim for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room cabinets and discuss the built-in floating shelves we plan to install around the fireplace. Everyone seems impressed with my quick answers.
10AM Alexa and I head to AquaKids Swim School in Keller. It’s the last class of the session. I give her a snack in the car while we’re driving. I realize that I didn’t eat breakfast.  It’s OK. My car is chock full of snacks. I find some Pringles and a Kind bar.
10:30AM As I change into my bathing suit, I realize I didn’t shave. Classy. Oh well. I tell myself that none of the other moms will notice or care, and I exchange a sympathetic glance with the other moms. I’m pretty sure they know.
11AM Swim lessons were a success. Alexa is comfortable in the pool and can hold her breath underwater for five seconds so she’s been promoted from Water Babies 1 to Water Babies 2. She even received a cute little certificate.
11:45AM Once we’ve changed into dry clothes and driven home, I realize that swim lessons have worked up quite an appetite for us both. I make lunch for the two of us and eat while I look at my phone for the first time in hours. How do I have 120 new personal emails and 22 new work emails? And my voicemail box is full — again.
1:50PM I put my little one down for a nap and then knock out laundry, dishes and some work on my computer. I wait as long as I possibly can to wake her up. I get her changed, grab her a Sippy cup, and we head out to meet the stairs guy.
3PM The meeting with the stairs guy was a success. I’m now in the car line waiting to pick up Peyton.
5PM My husband arrives home asking about the dinner plan. I’ve spent the last several hours playing with the kids, switching loads of laundry, emptying the dishwasher and clearing my voicemail inbox. I haven’t given one minute of thought to the dinner plan. We head to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, a nearby family favorite.
7:15PM We arrive home and give the girls a bubble bath. Something about watching my two babies play together at bath time just warms my heart. I smile and breathe in this moment.
7:40PM Bedtime routine begins: pajamas, teeth brushing, diapers, books and songs. Peyton drinks a Pediasure before bed, and when I go to the pantry, I realize this is the last one.
8:30PM My husband goes off to watch TV. I decide to knock out some work. First, I use the Amazon Prime Now app to order more Pediasure.
9:45PM I upload pictures from this past weekend from my camera onto my laptop. I do some editing and email them all to my sister (these were from her surprise 40th birthday party).
10:30PM I tidy up around the house and run another load of dishes, leaving my sink free and clear. I check a few more emails and realize that I have an episode of The Voice to watch on the DVR!
12:20AM After watching The Voice, I get ready for bed and then I’m out. Tomorrow’s another busy day.