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A Monday in the life of Rachel Kaiser

Rachel is an advertising and marketing account supervisor turned stay-at-home mom. She manages five soccer teams and spends most of her days volunteering at her kids’ school. She lives in Coppell with her husband Alex and their two boys, Brooks, 8, and Colt, 6.

4:15AM Mondays are always my earliest and toughest mornings after a long weekend of soccer games, birthday parties and whatever else we have on our agenda. My alarm goes off and I roll out of bed quietly so as to not wake up my other half. I brush my teeth, throw on my running clothes, fill up my water bottle and head out the door to meet my girlfriend for our regular morning therapy session filled with talk of kids, husbands, school, life and whatever else we can muster up in an hour-and-a-half run.
6AM After my run, I stretch a bit and head home to start the day. I feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes my way.
6:15AM I quietly enter the house so I don’t wake up the still sleeping kiddos and husband. I sit at the computer and check email and tootle around on Facebook for a couple of minutes, enjoying every drop of quiet time I can get. I get the boys’ lunches made, snacks packed and water bottles in bags all before that first alarm sounds and wakes up the rest of the house.
6:45AM The alarms get turned off, and I hear the pitter-patter of little footsteps upstairs. Unfortunately, it is only one set of footsteps I hear because the oldest of the two boys has to be dragged out of bed almost daily. One little guy comes down the stairs fully dressed and ready to give Mom a big hug and get breakfast. After, I get him settled settled eating a gourmet breakfast of waffles and veggie sausage, I head upstairs to get the eldest up.
6:50AM “Project Get Child Out Of Bed” begins. First, I yell upstairs and ask Brooks if he is awake yet. I tell him he better get up before I have to make my way up there and get him up.
6:55AM “Project Get Child Out Of Bed” take two. I go upstairs, turn on the lights and fan, pull the sheets off his body and give him another warning.
7:05AM “Project Get Child Out Of Bed” take three. I pull the sheets off his body again, warn him that he is going to be late for school and tell him he has 10 minutes to get his behind out of bed, get dressed and downstairs for breakfast before he starts losing privileges.
7:15AM Brooks finally makes his way downstairs. His hair looks like a complete rat’s nest and the breakfast argument begins, the same one we have every morning. Me: “What do you want for breakfast this morning?” Brooks: “I’m not hungry.” Me: “Eating breakfast is not a choice. You will eat something.” This goes on for five minutes until he usually ends up having a protein shake or banana.
7:35AM Finally everyone is ready for school. My husband is dressed, and we all ride our bikes as a family. The kiddos are dropped off, and my day as a stay-at-home mom/full-time volunteer begins.
8AM I arrive at Get You In Shape Boot Camp. I absolutely love boot camp. It’s outside, the people are fun and friendly and the trainers are motivating. And did I mention I get to work out outside? One hour of an intense mixture of core work, cardio and weights. I look forward to this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
9AM Boot Camp is over, and I head home to shower, make a protein shake, check emails and answer a bazillion questions from parents about soccer practices and/or games. Then I head out to volunteer at the boys’ school.
10:30AM I would say I’m at the school three to four times a week volunteering in the front office, library, cafeteria or classroom in some capacity. I truly treasure this time, seeing my children at school and feeling engaged in their learning experience. The smile on my kids’ faces when they see me at school, especially since I’m up there all the time, is priceless.
3:05PM Make my way through the chaos of hundreds of kids to finally find my boys, get a hug from at least one of them and ride our bikes home.
3:15PM We get into the house and the snacking frenzy begins. Backpacks get thrown on the counters, snacks are grabbed and the boys immediately head outside to play soccer. Soccer rules our world. This is what we do every day, seven days a week. Soccer = life
3:25PM I settle an argument between the boys. It’s always, “So and so hit me, he slide tackled me or he pushed me down.” Once the argument is settled, I tend to get 10 minutes before I have to hear about the next one.
4:30PM The boys come in from outside, grab more food to eat and ask if they can play on the computer. I remind them that the rules haven’t changed and we still do not allow technology during the week. As they sigh and groan, I tell them to grab a book or play a game before we head out for soccer. I scramble to get soccer bags in order, water jugs filled and lunch bags packed with that night’s dinner since we won’t start heading home from practice until 7:30pm.
5PM We’re off to our nightly soccer practices. Most of the time, my husband goes one way and I go the other. One of my favorite activities is watching my boys excel in a sport they are so devoted to playing. Brooks already has his future planned as a professional soccer player and Colt plans to follow in his footsteps. You can see the pure joy on their faces as soon as we enter the practice complex.
7:30PM We head home and talk about the practice and the boys’ favorite parts on the way before turning on a movie and letting the boys eat their dinners in the car.
8PM The boys take quick showers, brush their teeth and read for 15 minutes. We talk a little bit about the best parts of our day before we turn out the lights.
8:30PM Lights out. I lie in bed and snuggle with the boys for a few minutes until they are relaxed and fall asleep. I head downstairs to spend some time with my husband, chatting about our days and watching whatever TV shows we’ve got on the DVR.
10PM My eyes can barely stay open. Time for Mommy’s lights to go out and get some rest just to repeat tomorrow. I love my life.