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A Monday in the Life of Jaime Shrayber

Born and raised in Texas, Jaime has lived and breathed fashion for about as long as she can remember. After graduating from Texas Christian University, she worked in the fashion industry for many years, first at Neiman Marcus, then Fossil Corporate. Now she is a full-time fashion blogger at The Real Fashionista and stay-at-home mom to three boys: Ely, 7, Fynn, 5, and Zander, 3. Jaime and her husband Mark, CEO of Muv and Kadium, live in Dallas.

5:45AM My alarm goes off. I found the only alarm sound on my phone that doesn’t make me want to throw it across the room. Music isn’t an option because I will have the song in my head. All. Day. Long.

6AM Mark’s alarm goes off. His alarm sound is pretty horrendous but he seems to like it.

6:15AM We have been hitting snooze for 30 minutes and finally get out of bed. I’m not sure why we even set two alarms. It is imperative that I have breakfast and a cup of coffee before anyone else wakes up because I am the worst morning person.

6:30AM Mark and I both sit down to eat breakfast and get some work done before the kids wake up. I have two scrambled eggs and a piece of toast with peanut butter on top, and he has two scrambled eggs with avocado.

6:45AM Ely wakes up. We are so proud of him because he gets out of bed when his alarm goes off and heads straight to the bathroom to brush his teeth, get dressed and comb his hair. 

7AM Ely walks in and we discuss breakfast options. He can either have Cinnamon Toast Crunch with milk, dinosaur oatmeal or scrambled eggs with raspberries. He wants to eat the whole container of raspberries in one sitting … boys!

7:10AM Ely is eating breakfast and I sit with him and drink my second cup of coffee. I am a three-cups-of-coffee kind of gal.

7:30AM Mark is ready to leave for work so Ely gets his shoes on and grabs his backpack. Mark takes Ely to school on his way to work. When Mark is traveling I have to wake up the other two and throw them in the car with their PJs on. (Luckily Ely’s school has carpool so we don’t all have to get out of the car on those mornings.)

7:40AM Fynn and Zander wake up. They share a room and are usually good about staying in bed until their clock lights up, but this doesn’t always happen, of course. I don’t allow TV in the morning, so when they wake up too early it can be tough, but I tell them they can either play nicely in the playroom or go back to bed.

7:45AM I am starting to feel like I run a restaurant. Zander wants an egg sunny side up with avocado, and Fynn wants waffles with Trader Joe’s cookie butter on top.

8AM I try to start cleaning up the kitchen while they eat, and then change out of my PJs. Usually I just throw on workout clothes to take them to school. Today they get hot lunch at school. There is probably only one morning a week that I make all three lunches — phew!

8:10AM They finish up breakfast, and I get them dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, and shoes on. It sounds so simple, but it is quite the process with these two. Zander is going through a phase where he doesn’t want to wear clothes, so that is a battle in and of itself.

8:30AM Load the boys in the car and we are off to school.

9AM I get home from dropping them off, finish cleaning the kitchen, make our bed and Ely’s bed, pick up a little bit around the house then head to the shower to get ready for my weekly blog photo shoot. I’ll be honest: I don’t make Zander and Fynn’s bunk beds. It is way too hard!

10:15AM Meet my photographer downtown and shoot three or four looks for the blog. Yes, I am changing clothes in my car. And for anyone wondering why I always wear sunglasses, it’s because I don’t have enough time in the morning to fully do my eye makeup.

11:15AM The photo shoot is over. I change into my yoga clothes (in the back of my car) and head to Sunstone.

12:15PM I leave yoga and head home for lunch. I eat and then work for a couple of hours before Fynn and Zander get home. I write my blog post for tomorrow, follow up on emails and Instagram and take some outfit and product photos around the house.

2:15PM Fynn and Zander are dropped off and immediately want a snack.

2:30PM Zander goes down for his nap. He is beginning to not want a nap, so he has become an amazing procrastinator.

3PM Ely arrives home and begins doing his homework. I give Fynn “homework” to do as well (usually something I print from Pinterest).

3:15PM I start to prep dinner because if I wait until after Ely’s soccer practice, it will be too late. Sometimes I make a Crock-Pot meal, which makes my afternoon easier, but on photo shoot days I don’t have time in the morning to get it started. Over the years I have compiled our favorite recipes, and on Sundays I plan out the week so I am not scrambling to the store every single day.

3:50PM I wake up Zander, load everyone into the car and head to Ely’s soccer practice on the other side of town. After dropping Ely off, we head to a nearby park to let Fynn and Zander play, since practice is too far away to come back home.

6PM We get home, and I send Ely and Fynn straight to the shower. They take their own separate showers now. Ely wants to be in and out and Fynn likes to take loooong, luxurious showers that Mark swears have made our water bills higher.

6:15PM I turn on the TV for Ely and Zander so I can finish up dinner. Fynn joins when his shower is over. Zander is in the playroom because he wants to watch Paw Patrol, and Ely and Fynn are in the living room watching Looney Tunes.

6:30PM Mark gets home and changes, and we all sit down for dinner. The boys know that they have to eat what I make for dinner because they will not get anything else. We have instilled this from the beginning, and they are such great eaters. 

7PM Mark takes Zander to the bath and Ely and Fynn play while I start to clean up.

7:20PM Mark plays with the boys for a bit before bed.

7:45PM Mark and I team up and tackle bedtime. Teeth get brushed and then we start books. He usually reads to Ely and I put the younger two to bed. Ely loves chapter books, and Fynn and Zander love Curious George (or “Georges,” as Zander says). Fynn climbs up to the top bunk and then Zander asks me to lie with him and sing a song (“Country Roads” by John Denver is his request — this is a special song from my childhood that I sang to them as babies and it’s like the only song I know all the words to).

8:15PM I finish cleaning up the kitchen. It’s amazing the incredible mess that three little people can make. Oh, and the fact that I am a messy cook. I need to get better at cleaning as I go.

8:30PM I get in the shower and then get ready for bed. I used to pick up the playroom every night before getting in bed but have since given up on this. Once every few days is good enough.

8:50PM I join Mark in bed. We finish checking emails then watch one of the shows we have recorded. Tonight we are watching Shameless on Showtime.  

10PM Nighty night.