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Erin Lewis and family

A Monday in the Life of Erin Lewis

with twin babies and a teenager at home, this North Texas mom stays busy

 Erin Lewis used to spend her days working as a family law attorney. Today she’s a stay-at-home mom, caring for her 1-year-old boy and girl twins Jackson and Palmer, helping 14-year-old stepdaughter Hilleary with homework and making time for regular date nights with husband Justin. They’re recent transplants to North Texas—living in Lantana after moving from Amarillo.  

12AM Diaper change time. Jackson is a pee monsterso he starts out in a normal diaper at bedtime, and then at midnight, we switch to an overnight diaper. He wakes up briefly during the change but goes right back to sleep. Palmer sleeps through the whole thing. I pat her back and head back to bed. 

7AM Justin wakes up to go work out. I try to use the time to shower or drink coffee before the twins wake upHilleary gets up to her alarm around 7am and starts getting ready and grabbing breakfast.  

8AM Hilleary’s off to the bus stop after making her lunch and feeding the dog. Palmer and Jackson are awake now! On to the nursery to check on Jackson’s pajamasPhew. Pajamas saved. I change his diaper and put him back in his bed while I change Palmer. Once we’re changed, we head to the living room for bottles. I set them in their Table for Two (an amazing inclined chair where I can feed both at the same time). Once bottles are done, it’s time for diaper changes again and getting dressed. 

8:30AM Time to play till naptime. The twins love their bouncer seats but only in the morning. pop them in and let them bounce while I make myself breakfast and more coffee. They’ve started babbling, and it’s so much fun to step back and listen to them talk to each other.   

9AM They start to get tired of the bouncer, so we move upstairs to the play yard. Jackson loves to play with balls and blocks, while Palmer likes to play with toys that make lots of noise and light up. Justin’s home from his workout and starts getting ready for his day.  

10AM It’s naptime! Now’s my chance to get ready. Afterward I go through the pantry to see what we already have and what we still need in order to make my grocery list.  

NOON Babies wake up and are ready for their lunch. Jackson is my big baby and Palmer is a petite little thing, but they eat close to the same amount. I make myself a sandwich and some chips and eat with them 

1PM Time to load up for the grocery store. Babies are in the car and grocery list is in the purse, so we’re ready to go. The twins can both sit in the cart pretty well, so as long as there is a doubleseat cart, we’re good. I grab one from the cart corral and load them up. Jackson and Palmer love being out and seeing new faces, all the colors and lights.  

2:30PM Back in the car and headed home. It’s almost naptimeso they’re getting sleepybut I really don’t want them to fall asleep in the car. I play music and sing to try to make them laugh. When we get home, I put the babies down and unload the groceries. I start some laundry, sit down on the couch and catch up on my Real Housewives for an hour.   

4PM Babies are awake and ready to eat again. I fix two more bottles and get them fed. Change diaper … again … and then again. Babies are in their bouncers (begrudgingly) as I start to figure out dinner.  

4:30PM Hilleary gets home, so we chat about her day and whether she has homework. She has algebra and Spanish. I call my friend who teaches algebra and get that homework help. I used to teach Spanish, so I can help with that. My husband is home from his day and tells me we’re having an impromptu date night. Time to run and freshen up! 

5:30PM Justin and I head out while Hilleary watches the babies. She loves getting to spend time with them every day—Jackson smiles and follows her everywhere, anPalmer wants to be right beside her. Justin and I grab some pizza, talk to each other about what’s happened throughout the day and what we have coming up. We try to do a date night at least once every two weeks. 

7PM We’re back home, and it’s bathtime for babies. Sometimes we do both baths at the same time, but tonight, we do one at a time. Once they’re out of the bath, it’s time for their last bottle and bed.  

 7:30PM Diaper changes and into pajamas. We sing some songs, I read a few stories and we say our prayers. Daddy comes in to help with stories and prayers. We give lots of kisses goodnight and then close the door. 

 8:30PM Adult time! It’s our Below Deck night. Yes, our 14-year-old watches it with us. We love trashy reality TV—don’t judge! We like to make fun of the charter guests mostly, but sometimes we make fun of the crew too. 

 9:30PM It’s close to bedtime for me, so I start to wind down. I head to bed with my midnight diaper alarm set. I make sure I can hear the monitor, and then I’m out. Midnight will be here before I know it! 

 Fast Facts

What she’s reading Re-reading Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and JAY-Z: Made in America by Michael Eric Dyson
Where she goes for retail therapy NorthPark Center or Southlake Town Square
First celebrity crush Devon Sawa (the human Casper in the Casper movie)
Favorite cheap meal with the family Rosa’s
Makes her laugh Be There in Five podcast
Makes her cry The movie Stepmom
Go-to recipe Sheet pan chicken
Best purchase ever Baby Brezza Formula Pro. It makes bottles in l5 seconds at the perfect temperature and consistency. No shaking, warming or powdered mess.
Beauty product she cant live without Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid Pro
What she does when life gets stressful Pray
Celebrity mom she admires Jennifer Garner
She’s really good at Making a mess
She’s really bad at Cleaning
Mom bag Tory Burch Gemini link crossbody
Hostess tip Always have wine
On her bucket list Sitting courtside at a Mavs game during a championship Game 7 

Photo courtesy of Torres Photography.