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A Monday in the Life of Cynthia Saenz

Cynthia Saenz wears many hats: realtor working out of the Frisco area; wife of eight years to Silberio Conceicao, who does electrical work for Prism Electric; business partner with her husband on his second job, a growing remodeling business; and mom to 3-year-old daughter Emily. The family lives in The Colony.

7:30AM I wake up to the sound of the alarm on my phone. After looking at my emails, social media and to-do list, I quickly get dressed and pack up breakfast in a bag for the car: fruit, cereal, milk for Emily and tea for me. Emily wakes up to the noise of me running around the house getting our things ready for the day. She is in the process of potty training, and I try to get her to go potty first thing. She gets a sticker when she goes.

8:30AM Help Emily finish getting dressed by discussing what she thinks she needs to wear to school. She is really into her ballet tutus and wants to wear a different one every day, whether it matches or not, no matter the weather outside. She says, “I am not cold!” She is growing so fast and talking a lot in English — she understands both Spanish and Portuguese. (My husband is Brazilian, and he and I both learned Spanish in school.)

9AM I arrive at my office after dropping Emily off at the home day care she goes to two days a week. She is learning with her bilingual class while I roll up my sleeves to dive into work. Today I have a lot of office time to follow up with clients, make calls to potential clients, send emails and check on pending contract activities. I enjoy talking with some of the regular agents in the office; we bounce ideas off each other in the workroom.

11AM Continue to work on marketing projects that I have been doing. I check my Facebook posts about a clothes swap I am trying to organize with an online moms group. As an ambassador to the moms group, I usually plan or participate in 1–2 playdates a month. It’s nice to meet other moms and talk about our busy days. 

12:30PM I run out to show one home to clients who have been waiting for this listing to come up — it has all the criteria they are looking for in a particular location. They love it.

2PM I run a quick errand for my hubby for a remodeling project he did last week.

3PM I call my mom to tell her I’m on the way and to be ready so I can pick her up (and grab a quick snack for me). She fell six weeks ago and broke her right shoulder; today she has her follow-up orthopedics appointment. I have been caring for her in my home until she can cook by herself again. We moved her to Dallas last year so she could be closer to us and spend more time with Emily. At the appointment, we get good and bad news: Her shoulder bone is healing, but she’s still showing weakness in therapy and needs an MRI.

4:30PM I stop by a property management company for my hubby’s remodeling business. Then I call him — he is working late today, so I need to pick up my daughter.

5:30PM I run by the day care to pick up Little Miss. Today we have a lot of errands on the way home. I try to drop off a Redbox movie only to see that the box is full, so we go to a different one to return it. Next, it’s across the street to the dry cleaners, then the post office drive-thru to drop off real estate mailers. Planning ahead for dinner, I call to order Pizza Hut to give me a break from cooking today. What’s next on the list? We stop at a shoe repair store to see if they can fix my favorite boots. Sadly, the man reports he can’t fix them, and I have not been able to find a replacement pair. Bummer. I chase Emily to get in the car. She has a poopy diaper and we’re five minutes away from home, so I quickly change her in the car.

6:30PM We arrive home with pizza. I call my hubby and find out that he is stuck in traffic and will be home in 30 minutes.

7PM We all eat pizza and a salad I mixed up. I chop up some fruit and veggies for Emily.

7:30PM Daddy takes bath duty and I clean up the kitchen. Then we have family time to discuss business matters and family to-do items, with Mickey Mouse Club on in the background. Our toddler is running around and jumping — so much energy, this one. She asks Daddy to play horsey. If only I could bottle that energy. She is a fireball.

8:30PM I get on the computer for work. After reviewing comps for the home I showed today, I write up an offer and send it to my clients. While I’m working, I set up a craft for Emily with colors and markers.

10:30PM I finish up the chores and my to-do list for work, then prep Emily’s ballet bag for tomorrow. Daddy goes to sleep. Emily follows him to bed, but she will not go to sleep until she sees me get ready for bed too. It’s been a struggle to get her to sleep early.

10:45PM I shower and get ready for bed, then Emily and I have our time. First, we play with her dolls and read her Winnie the Pooh story book. Then I lie by her bed till she falls asleep. She says to me, “Mommy, I am happy.” In this moment, it’s all worth it.

11PM Time to charge my phone, do one last check of emails and social media, and type up to-do lists for the rest of the week: moms group follow-up posts, Emily’s things, Grandma’s things, hubby’s marketing and new clients, pending real estate contracts …

11:30PM Finally, I relax for a few minutes and meditate about tomorrow. Goodnight.